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BMW 540 4.4 litre V8..........

Mr Smith's impressive 540i V8.

It'll be a lot cheaper to run on LPG......

After hearing about our success with BMW V8 engines in the 740 range, Graham Smith asked if we could convert his 4.4 litre 5 series.

Although the engine and ECU are similar, other things are quite differently situated in the 5 series. As a result the conversion is quite different to the 740, mainly in the siting of the conversion components.

Graham's car is different again as it has been 'Chipped' for more performance over standard, making the LPG fuel mapping slightly different on this particular car. This didn't present us with any problems.

He also chose to go for a toroidal (spare wheel) LPG tank instead of a cylinder as the 5's boot is much smaller.

The converted car's performance on LPG is blisteringly good. it is very hard to tell which fuel the engine is running on. Only the day to day thickness of the owner's wallet gives a clue.....

Here are some pictures of Graham's converted 540i

The 70 litre toroidal (spare wheel well) tank fits like it was made for the car. The remaining boot space is unaffected whilst the tank holds 56 litres (12.3 imp. gals) of nice cheap LPG.

The floor of the spare wheel well is strengthened to prevent the tank mounting bolts pulling through in the even of a collision.

The 5 series rear bumper is totally enclosed from underneath, making it practically impossible to fit the LPG filler point into it.

Just about the only realistic choice for both safety and ease of access is to fit it in the OSR wing, just above the bumper and just below the petrol filler.

This filler is of the 'discreet' type, the adapter unscrews when not in use and a 40mm square black flap closes over the entry hole, both hiding it and keeping it clean.

A plumber's nightmare - The two LPG reducers and associated pipework are mounted on the nearside inner wing. Not wholly ideal for impact protection but the system is fully protected by solenoids to shut of the gas if a pipe is severed, and what other space was left to us by Herr BMW?


The 5 series centre console does not have the useful blank fitted to the 740 item, so the fuel choice switch could not be sited there on this occasion.

Eventually we decided to fit it in the coin pocket on the driver's right. It is a good position, easy to reach but not stuck in your face. This is important on long night journeys. The switch is seen here in the centre of the picture.

Your 540i or other BMW V8........

Pricing -

The 540 V8 conversion is very specialised. You won't find many firms offering to do it, and even less getting it right. We have converted several similar cars and have all the data recorded to do more. Romano 'N' system multi point sequential gas injection equipment is installed, fed by a 70 litre toroidal tank. None of the equipment we fit is the cheapest, and we make no apology for that. Quality is remembered long after the price.

The reasoning behind our choice of conversion equipment is fully explained in the item 'What type of conversion is best for my car?'

All owners report savings in fuel cost of at least 50%, some above that if driven carefully. It is very hard to tell when the car is running on gas as performance is practically identical to that of Petrol.

The conversion takes 5 days to complete (including up to 100 miles of fuel mapping and road testing) at a cost of 2000 fully inclusive.

We give 12 months parts and labour warranty and issue an insurance certificate with every conversion.

Before we can give a price estimate and book a conversion slot for this model you must read this item on NIKASIL lined engines.

Contact us to arrange the conversion of your vehicle using the latest Romano 'N' multi point injection system

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LP Gas burns cleanly.....

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