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All of pur conversions are entered on the UK LPG Register

Car Sales and Bulk LPG Tank Enquires

Go LPG are located 6 minutes from J6 of the M5 (North Worcester).
We operate an appointment only business. We are not open at weekends.
Special arrangements can be made for weekend car viewing for seriously interested customers only.

Telephone enquiries

We are open 8.30 - 5.30 Monday to Friday.
Landline 01905 759874 8.30 - 5.30 (often unmanned)
Mobile 07811 269186 or send text when switched off / out of service

E Mail enquiries

To make further enquires about a car we have listed for sale or get an estimate for a Bulk Autogas unit, fill in the short form below and E mail it to us.

If you have any trouble using this form, our E Mail address is

We have a firm policy on 'junk mail'. Your E mail or street address will NOT be added to any mailing list without your permission.


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Because this site uses 'MIME' E mail format there are problems with E mail not being sent when using NETSCAPE browsers or AOL servers.

If you have any difficulty then please CUT and PASTE the input section of the page and include it in an ordinary E mail, then send it to Car_sales@go-lpg.co.uk

We'll attend to your enquiry as soon as we can. Do keep in mind that we often get 500 mails a day!

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