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Six different Jaguar Land Rover models have been
fitted with the Jaguar V8 4.2 Supercharged Engine.

Go LPG have sucessfully converted every one of them.
Here are details of some we've converted;

Jaguar XFR
Jaguar S Type 'R'
Jaguar XJR (X 350)
Jaguar XKR (X150) Convertible
Range Rover Sport 2009
Range Rover L322 Vogue Supercharged

Why is it that the same engine fitted in four Jaguar models doesn't suffer Valve Seat Recession, but there have been several reports of that occurring in the RR Vogue and Sport?

The answers are very simple;

Firstly, conversions using equipment that isn't up to the job will 'lean out' during high power demands. The same goes for suitable systems which are incorreclty fitted and adjusted.

Secondly, look at the models. The Range Rovers weigh practically twice as much as the Jaguars. As a result, the same engine has to work that much harder to produce the same speed in a Range Rover, so the factors mentioned in paragraph 2 (above) become even more important. We've solved all of those issues and it can only be done properly using Romano equipment.

Contact us to arrange the conversion of your Jaguar Land Rover V8 S/C
using the latest 5th generation Romano multi point injection system

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