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For the last 10 or 15 yrs just about every light commercial vehicle (96% of the total) sold in the UK has been fitted with a diesel engine. The attraction of reduced fuel costs (through greater fuel economy) has produced this market domination. This took place in spite of the increased maintenance and spares cost of diesels. An assumption that diesels caused less pollution also attracted private car buyers and caused them to choose that option when buying a new car.

With a very few exceptions diesels remain noisy and uninteresting to drive. The lack of performance is a factor, consigning the diesel in any company car pool to be the very last choice. Any diesel fuel that gets onto one's hands has a weak but unpleasant smell that seems to last for days and is hard to wash off.

Now, there is NO good reason to choose diesel. There is no price differential over petrol (although it does give better fuel economy). The diesel produces as much (if not more) harmful pollution in the form of particulates. A diesel car or van can also be much more expensive to buy than the petrol option, whether it is new or used.

Lets get wise......Now there is a third option.........Buy the cheaper petrol vehicle, reduce the cost of replacing things like starter motors (diesel spares are often double the price of those for a petrol vehicle) and suffer none of the other disadvantages......You could buy the petrol version and save MORE on the initial purchase price than it will cost to get it converted to LPG......

Buy it, contact Go LPG! to get it converted........ Then SMILE as you drive away from the LPG pump enjoying all of the benefits with no penalties.

And less of that racket from the bonnet region! We put our bet on these factors and reap the benefits every day!

Go LPG! will be happy to quote Couriers or similar fleet users for multiple conversions. Tank configurations can be tailored to your needs, whether load space or range are paramount.

Can you imagine what a difference you could make to your company's profitability if fuel and maintenance costs were reduced by 40% ? (estimated reduction in fuel cost of LPG light commercials over diesel).

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One of Go LPG's Ford Transit 2.0 litre DOHC petrol vans converted to run on LPG.

This vehicle covers around 270 miles (around town) on a full tank of LPG. On a Motorway or higher speed runs it will easily cover around 340 miles.

All this for 23 worth of LPG.....Can your diesel van travel those distances on 23?

This van was fitted with a single 90 Litre tank to give sufficient range on LPG. When filled to 80% (the limit) it carries approximately 72 Litres of LPG (in average temperatures). This equates to 15.8 imperial gallons. 90 litre tank fitted behind Transit seats

The tank from another angle. Load space is practically unaffected. Here is another view of the tank installation. The load space is barely affected as half of the tank's diameter is tucked behind the seats. Remember that this van retains its original underslung petrol tank which can be used as a reserve. Extra tanks may be fitted in all sorts of positions, e.g as a replacement for the spare wheel (which may be stood up in the load space), underslung tanks can be fitted and a 70 litre tank can also be placed on the floor of the passenger's footwell. Vast ranges may be achieved in this way.
The same fuel choice / fuel gauge unit is fitted in easy reach of the driver....... (This one is showing that the vehicle is running on LPG and the tank is 3/5ths full)
On our Transits the filler is placed on the driver's side which makes it much easier to position the vehicle at the pump.

NB! If either the pipe from the filler to the tank or from the tank to the engine are ruptured or severed in an accident automatic shut-off valves make sure that gas will not continue to escape. The tank will effectively be isolated in each case, even if both pipes are severed at the same time.

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