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Audi Coupe 2.5 litre V6

As many know of our success with Audi cars we have a lot of enquiries about converting other Audi models. Here is an example.

For a change this particular car has manual transmission and is quite a sporty drive. We knew the basic engine layout although there were some important differences, most notably that this car has no Oxygen or Lambda sensor and is not catalysed.

The owner of this particular car has carefully measured its LPG consumption and found it returning an average of 24 mpg (lpg) in mixed driving conditions. He used to achieve 27 mpg on petrol. The LPG consumption is just about perfect at 24 mpg as the reduction is in the order of 10 - 15% of that achieved on petrol.

When the price of LPG is multiplied by the cost of petrol ( On average, Petrol is 2.6 times the price of LPG) the effective MPG on LPG (24 x 2.6) is an impressive 62.4 mpg!

The Audi Coupe.

This is a nice example.

The LPG filler is sited on the lower part of the rear bumper. This position is ergonomic and the bumper is more than strong enough to withstand the forces placed upon it by an LPG filler gun. We like to avoid the use of body mounted fillers wherever possible as one ripple in a dark coloured panel can tarnish the look of the car.

A 70 litre cylinder tank was fitted and had to be suspended on two strong cross rails. There is effectively no boot floor panel on the Coupe as the petrol tank forms the boot floor. This cannot be used to mount an LPG tank. A spare wheel tank is also not a realistic option on this model as it has a vertically mounted spare wheel.

We managed to fit the fuel choice switch neatly amongst the other switches mounted in the centre console. We did it by removing a blank and cutting it down to make up the difference.

It looks really neat and the owner was pleased with it. We have become noted for our attention to detail.

The cost -

We offer the Audi Coupe Romano 'N' system multi point sequential LPG injection conversion (as shown above) at 1850 fully inclusive. The job carries a full 12 months parts and labour warranty. Every conversion comes with a nationally recognised insurance certificate. A 1000 mile 'bedding in' check and final adjustment session is also included in the price.

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