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Citroen DS 23 Pallas - A modern French icon and innovative masterpiece

The owner of this French registered DS23 asked us to convert it to run on LPG. Whilst the engine is relatively small ( 2.3 litres) its fuel consumption is quite heavy (like the car!) so it was well worth the owner having the conversion done. The prospect interested us, there's nothing like a challenge!

This particular example has many of the ground breaking Citroen innovations. The car's headlights automatically follow the road as you steer, allowing a better view of what lies around a bend. The 'handbrake' is engaged with your left foot but disengaged by your left hand. The 'gearstick' is on your right hand on top of the column, changing gear through a pre-select arrangement. The starter is operated by the gearstick from neutral, not by the ignition key. The amazing air suspension raises the car to the pre-selected ride height after running the engine for a few seconds, quite strange first time around.

To add to the mystery of the unfamilar controls, the car is left hand drive, test driving it for the first time was a lot of fun!

Some of the ideas that were included in this car are now quite commonplace, (a tribute to Citroen foresight). I am seriously impressed by how 'ahead of its time' this car must have been back in the 50's.

Here are some pictures of the DS conversion -

The magnificent DS23 A true French icon - The DS was designed and first sold in the 1950's. General De Gaulle used one in preference to all other cars. It has a strikingly individual style and some real innovations, later used by other manufacturers. Not least were Rolls Royce, who used the DS's amazing air suspension under licence from Citroen. This example dates from 1974 and has early Bosch K tronic fuel injection.
We didn't want to spoil the original look of the DS, so we came up with a nice position for the LPG filler. The numberplate hinges upwards for filling. Note the French filler point fitted to this car. An adapter is screwed in for filling in UK. Cheeky but functional!
For this conversion we used one of the latest style remote fuel choice switch units. All that is visible on the dash panel is this 3 x 3 Cm switch and tank level display pad (centre of picture). The switch electroncs are mounted behind the dashboard.
We take tank security very seriously at Go LPG. This toroidal tank not only has two centre bolts as standard, but 4 x M12 bolts holding the metal hoop that further secures the tank.
What goes underneath the panel is just as important!

When mounting tanks we don't just rely on washers, but add 8mm black mild steel, chosen for its toughness. The nuts are loctited (metal adhesive is applied) to the bolts so that they cannot loosen over time.

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