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Series 1 Discovery V8 conversion

This has to be one of the most popular conversions undertaken. The V8 Discovery model sold well and drives well but is quite expensive to run on petrol.

There are many choices for LPG tank installation but this has to be the cheapest and most efficient.

A 70 litre cylinder tank can be fitted North /South in the load space, avoiding the cost of underslung options but still allowing use of the load space and one seat to be folded down.

A useful switch position is here (centre of picture). There aren't many useful sites on the dashboard. The switch is easily visible to the driver but not annoying or distacting when driving in the dark. Attention to details like this are important to us. It's your car and you must be happy with the siting of components. We like to discuss all the options with the customer.
The underbonnet components fit snugly on most models. Siting of the vaporiser may vary if this space has been taken up by ABS pumps or the like.
Here is a late model series 1 Discovery converted with BRC Sequent 56 equipment. This is the most expensive 'front end' conversion available although you get what you pay for - Utter relaibility can only come from top end SGi equipment.
Here is another tank choice, one of two underslung 36 litre cylinder tanks fitted to an earlier 3.9 model.

We take a lot of care in mounting these tanks, using the strongest and most expensive mountings available. Many installations we've seen use cheap perforated metal straps which are not strong enough and rust through quickly.

Our tank mountings are bolted to the chassis. The floor is not a good mounting point and welding makes for future rust problems. These mountings are so strong you could jack the car up by placing a jack under the tank.........

Other tank choices are to have a larger cylinder placed across the load space, have 2 x 36 litre cylinders underlslung or to have the petrol tank removed and replaced by reserve petrol tank and an 80 litre underlsung toroidal tank. The latter choice is the most expensive.

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