Cadillac Escalade 6.0 litre V8

After previously having an Isuzu Trooper converted by us and knowing of our success with American V8 engines, John A. asked if we could convert his thirsty SUV. The converted car's performance on LPG is blisteringly good. It is very hard to tell which fuel the engine is running on. Only the day to day thickness of the owner's wallet gives a clue.....

John's huge Cadillac Escalade. What a beast!

It'll be a lot cheaper to run on LPG.

The top mounted 95 litre toroidal (spare wheel) tank fits very well in place of the spare wheel. It is the best option as the spare wheel space is not deep enough for large diameter cylinder tanks and is interupted by the large bore exhaust on one side. Remaining ground clearance with the vehicle fully loaded is well within regulated limits (it must be remembered that this vehicle is off-road capable). All internal boot and seating space is unaffected whilst the new tank holds 76 litres (16.7 imp. gals) of nice cheap LPG. The petrol tank remains standard.

The filler is neatly mounted on the towbar and hides under the square black cover.
A plumber's nightmare - The LPG reducers and associated pipework are mounted on the offside inner wing.
There is only one good switch mounting opportunity on this model. The chosen site is easily visible to the driver but not glaring on night journeys.

Your American V8........

This conversion is very specialised. You won't find many firms offering to do it, and even less getting it right. We have converted several similar cars and have all the data recorded to do more. Romano 'N' system multi point sequential gas injection equipment is installed, fed by a 95 litre toroidal tank. None of the equipment we fit is the cheapest, and we make no apology for that. Quality is remembered long after the price.

The reasoning behind our choice of conversion equipment is fully explained in the item 'What type of conversion is best for my car?'

All owners report savings in fuel cost of at least 50%, some above that if driven carefully. It is very hard to tell when the car is running on gas as performance is practically identical to that of Petrol.

The conversion takes 5 days to complete (including up to 100 miles of fuel mapping and road testing) at a cost of 2350 fully inclusive.

We give 12 months parts and labour warranty and issue an insurance certificate with every conversion.

Contact us to arrange the conversion of your vehicle using the latest Romano 'N' multi point injection system

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LP Gas burns cleanly.....

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