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Go LPG! .... Feedback from our Customers

Go LPG are LPGA approved Autogas Engineers, found on the LPGA approved installer list under 'Worcestershire'. Click this logo to visit the LPGA site.

On this page you can read what our customers or the TRade Association UK LPG have to say about
our LPG conversions and servicing, how much money they save
and what it is actually like to run an LPG vehicle.

UK LPG Random Inspection 2013
333 miles and still going on the same tank of Gas!
UK LPG Random Inspection 2012
4 years, 101,000 miles and 12,000 saved
'I want to say thank you for such a lovely car.'
''Very pleased with the converted Range Rover'
'Thank you so much for your time'
UK LPG Random Inspection 2011
104,000 miles and in profit
P38 running properly at last..
Mike - 124,000 miles and 11,000 in savings
Peter - 36 MPG equivalent in a Go LPG converted Jaguar XJR
Ken - 63.000 miles in a Go LPG converted Jaguar XJ8
Keith - 126.000 miles in a Go LPG converted BMW V8
Tony - 44.000 miles in a Go LPG converted BMW V8
John - "I am very pleased with my converted Daimler V8"
Bill - 'The installation has performed perfectly.' '
Graham - 'Thanks for your excellent service yesterday'. '
Phillip - 'Thanks for the excellent job you did'. '
Duncan - 'An absolute pleasure to meet a proper Engineer....'. '
Dave - 'Keep on LPG motoring.'
Barry - 'I just wanted to thank you for a great conversion....'
Mark - 'I was very very impressed....'

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LP Gas burns cleanly.....

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