Ford Fiesta Ghia Zetec 1250

Automatic Fiesta Ghia .

It does quite well on fuel but at 1 a litre for petrol it'll be a lot cheaper to run on LPG!

We mounted a 35 litre cylinder tank oriented North / South in the boot so that part of the rear seat can still be folded down. The underslung spare wheel stays in position.
The later type of fixed bayonet filler (seen on bottom edge of bumper) avoids cutting holes in the body.

The best fuel choice switch position was found in the centre console.
<b>Romano 'N' system SGi</b> (Multi point sequential gas injection) equipment was use for this job. Romano 'N' system SGi (Multi point sequential gas injection) equpiment was use for this job.

The 4 LPG injectors can be seen mounted on top of the inlet manifold. The LPG vaporiser is mounted horizontally against the bulkhead.

Fuel economy........

We took the Fiesta on a trip to Wales.

Mixed motorway, 'A' road and town driving produced 34 mpg on LPG.

Given that petrol is now at least 2.6 times the price of LPG, this gave an equivalent fuel economy figure of 88.4 mpg in terms of what it would have cost on petrol.

Who said that small cars are not worth converting to LPG?

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LP Gas burns cleanly.....

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