Harry - Jaguar X300

Go LPG converted X300 Sovereign 4 Litre

"I had my 4 litre Sovereign converted by Go LPG almost exactly 4 years ago.

In that time I have covered 101,000 miles on LPG, it has never missed a beat.

I saved over 12,000 in fuel costs, more than enough to pay for the conversion, the car itself,
and the majority of the cost of it's replacement - A Go LPG converted V8 X350."

Harry, August 2011

I'm sure there will be some folk reading this study with a cynical eye, ranging from those who merely think there is not enough proof published to back the claim right through to those that may accuse us of making it all up. Naturally, we cannot give contact details for Harry as he'd be inundated with questions, spammed like crazy and in the case of one or two internet extremists, perhaps sent viruses or defamed and abused. I'm sure most would agree that Harry has a right to his privacy and complete protection from this.

However, there is a way that those wishing to validate this information can do just that.

Under recent Consumer Protection Legislation it is an offence to 'mislead the consumer' by making invalid, inaccurate or groundless claims. If anyone has doubts about this study or any of the information contained within it, all they need to do is make a complaint to their local Trading Standards Dept. who will investigate.

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