John - BMW M3

Go LPG converted BMW M3

John's first Email at around 12 months post-conversion;

Hi Steve,

Droitwich Spa to Porthcawl in South Wales without moving the needle on the petrol gauge, how cool is that ?!

So what made the difference?


Motorists might have heard of it, nor is it cheap to get your car converted properly, but is better for the environment, burning cleanly with less carbon dioxide being released. The fuel is around half the price of a litre of petrol or diesel.

I had my E46 M3 converted at the end of last year by Steve at Go LPG and a fine job he did to, the car performs the same on LPG as with petrol. In fact, I sometimes think it runs better on LPG. I can fully recommend Steve to do a very good job. I am very pleased with the conversion - the engine runs perfectly on LPG!!

I'm looking to supercharge my car next!

Thanks again Steve.

John, August 2012

John's second Email, received a month later;

Hi Steve,

Just got back from my home town in North Wales after making a long journey.

Before I set off I filled up with LPG and zeroed the trip meter, just to see how far I would get on LPG. The only petrol used would be on starting the engine and before the switch over to LPG but I put £25.00 worth of petrol in the tank just in case I ran out of LPG. When going over the Brecon Beacons on a Sunday you don't see many petrol or LPG stations....As things turned out I didn't use hardly a drop of that Petrol during the entire journey.

I got to Porthcawl with 333 miles on the clock, and at the time of writing it is reading 345 miles. With a bit of luck it will reach 350 miles before the LPG tank runs dry.

All I can say I'm over the moon with that result!!

A friend of mine asked me for info of your website so I pointed him in the right direction, his friend up in Derby had bought a Merc and was thinking of a LPG conversion. My friend took pictures of my car and sent them using his phone, so with a bit of luck you may have another new customer.

If it helps Steve you can also publish this as a review!!!

John, September 2012

Footnote 30/09/12

Hi Steve,

I didn't use the car for the best part of this week, took the Mrs shopping yesterday (Saturday) driving down the M4 ran out of gas!! Total mileage on LPG 358 miles.

I'm very pleased with that!

You can view the orginal website article on John's Go LPG conversion by clicking HERE

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