L322 Range Rover 4.4 Litre Vogue

L322 Vogue.

Quite hard to find at the moment. Most people that have them want to keep them.......!

The model is drives superbly, is quick off the mark and very well equipped. The only drawback is the petrol cost....

Here are some pictures of the Go LPG L322 conversion;

BRC sequent 56 was fitted on this particular car. The engine is seen here with the cover removed.

When driving the converted car it is virtually impossible to tell which fuel the car is running on. The change between fuels is seamless, only a glance the switch will give you a clue.

Your pocket or bank balance will know for sure!!

The filler is mounted on the rear bumper which saves cutting any holes in the bodywork.

This gives another benefit - Easier filling from a pump on either side of the car.

The L322 dash gives little opportunity for a good, low impact fuel choice switch position.

We found this to be the best choice by far.

A four-hole tank gives the best range on LPG.
The boot floor still closes perfectly flat, although the 'clamshell' mounted air suspension pump has to be re-sited. The unit can be positioned out of view, but it can be noisy when removed from its original 'clamshell' soundproofing. We have our own solution to that problem.

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LP Gas burns cleanly.....

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