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Go LPG converted X 300 (XJ6)

By Email 29/05/11

Manfred Klotzsch
Goethestrasse 27
51429 Bergisch Gladbach

Dear Steve,

Since two months I drive my Jaguar X 300 that I bought from you on the first of April, and I want to say thank you for such a lovely car.

As my son and I arrived at your place, all the papers were ready, the car was filled with gas, you explained all the necessary things about this car and I was quiet sure that you are a real expert concerning Jaguar cars and gas conversions. I was sure that I had chosen the right place to buy my Jaguar. We could have spoken for a longer time, but we had to drive home.

Back in Germany the car passed all the TÜV tests ( equivalent to UK MOT and seperate government LPG tests) without any difficulties, everything (the car and the gas installation) was perfect. Now as I use the car daily I have driven 2000 miles and it is still a joy to drive my Jaguar and it is fantastic to fill up with gas, the price that I pay reminds of long gone times, when petrol was cheap.


Manfred Klotzsch


Our comments;

Although Mr Klotzsch had read the defamatory claims made on the internet by Mohammed Asan Khan, he chose to make a much more informed judgement by reading the Go LPG website throughly, and then phoning to chat to me personally.

Mr Klotzsch travelled 800 miles to see this car, bought it without any reservations and then drove it 800 miles to his home near Cologne. To get the car registered and issued with number plates for use on German roads, the car first had to be TUV (MOT) tested. German TUV tests are a lot tougher as their Autobahns have no speed limit. In addition to that test, the car had to have a seperate and much more rigourous Government inspection of our LPG installation than it ever would under the current British system. The car and LPG system passed all of these inspections with flying colours.

Mr Klotzsch's pleasure in his purchase is clear, his determination is impressive whilst the story goes a very long way to prove that not everything you read on the internet is accurate.

I'm sure there will be some folk reading this study with a cynical eye, ranging from those who merely think there is not enough proof published to back the claim right through to those that may accuse us of making it all up. Naturally, we cannot give full contact details for Mr Klotzsch as he'd be inundated with questions, spammed like crazy and in the case of one or two internet extremists, perhaps sent viruses or defamed and abused. I'm sure most would agree that he has a right to his privacy and complete protection from this.

However, there is a way that those wishing to validate this information can do just that.

Under recent Consumer Protection Legislation it is an offence to 'mislead the consumer' by making invalid, inaccurate or groundless claims. If anyone has doubts about this study or any of the information contained within it, all they need to do is make a complaint to their local Trading Standards Dept. who will investigate.

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