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Go LPG converted Audi Coupe

November 2010

Having just sold my 1993 Audi V6 Coupe, I'd like to put on record the part that Steve's LPG conversion played in the car's longevity.

I bought the Audi in November 2003 with 76000 miles on the clock. Due to work commitments, my annual mileage suddenly doubled in mid 2005 and I needed to save on fuel costs. The car was converted by Go LPG in October 2005 when it had done 114,000 miles.

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By the time I sold the Audi last month it had done a total of 238,000 miles, 124,000 of those miles on LPG. The engine ran cleaner and more efficiently throughout that time. I calculate that I have saved around 11,000 on fuel costs since October 2005. I had covered the original cost of LPG conversion within a short time, but the fuel cost savings have now paid back the original cost of the car itself, and a big chunk of parts and labour cost for routine servicing. All in all, I have driven 124,000 miles over 5 years for practically nothing. I sold the car in within a couple of days of my advert being published.

The Audi maintained it's original performance over the last five years whether running on LPG or petrol, the only conversion "maintenance" was a new set of spark plugs and an emissions check every 14,000 miles or so.

Right through from my initial enquiry about getting the Audi to run on LPG and throughout the last five years, Steve has always been helpful, enthusiastic and thorough in his approach regarding all aspects of the conversion. His engineering standards are the highest and I wouldn't consider going anywhere else, which probably explains why I've just had my "new" Volvo S60 converted by him!

Just to finish off, I posted my views on the lpg info smear campaign website run by Mohammed Asan Khan, just to balance things up a little.

Khan inmmediately deleted the thread. So much for 'Unbiased Autogas!'


Pastures new.....

Mike's Volvo V60 converted by Go LPG

5th November 2013.

Mike's Volvo was converted by us in October 2010 at 44,175 miles.

You can see the orginal conversion description by clicking HERE

Today ( 5 / 11 / 13 ) we've just done the annual service. The car has now covered 115,977 miles. Mike reports that he has now completed a total of approximately 185,000 miles in two cars fitted with Go LPG conversions, and had no problems at all.

I'm sure there will be some folk reading this study with a cynical eye, ranging from those who merely think there is not enough proof published to back the claim right through to those that may accuse us of making it all up. Naturally, we cannot give contact details for Mike as he'd be inundated with questions, spammed like crazy and in the case of one or two internet extremists, perhaps sent viruses or defamed and abused. I'm sure most would agree that Mike has a right to his privacy and complete protection from this.

However, there is a way that those wishing to validate this information can do just that.

Under recent Consumer Protection Legislation it is an offence to 'mislead the consumer' by making invalid, inaccurate or groundless claims. If anyone has doubts about this study or any of the information contained within it, all they need to do is make a complaint to their local Trading Standards Dept. who will investigate.

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