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Chris Wright, one of our conversion customers reports additional benefits as a direct result of having his XJS converted to run on LPG...........

Chris lives in the Milton Keynes area and works in the Town centre. Local motorists are offered a good deal on parking by the local council. For a yearly payment of approximately 140.00 they may park in any free council parking bay, all day, 5 days a week. A good and very sensible policy we think, looking after the interests of local folk first.


If a local motorist has a car converted to run on selected alternative fuels (LPG being one of them) and certify the conversion then all parking fess are waived.

You must display an exemption certificate in your car's windscreen and a small set up fee payable, but once the registration process is complete you can park in any empty Council bay at will, for absolutely NOTHING!!

The council certificate must be displayed

Chris is now saving 140 p.a. in addition to the fuel cost savings he makes using LPG.

Go LPG congratulate Milton Keynes borough Council on their forward thinking and hope that this is a blueprint for the future......More and more Councils are thinking about encourgaing alternative fuel vehicles and more concessions like this one are on the way. What Will yours do? Give them a call, find out, you may be surprised!

Parking for free and running for half price.

Cute eh?!

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