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18 Range Rover V8 Sport S/C conversions completed

Supercharged Range Rover Sport 4.2 V8 2009

Of the 6 Jaguar / Land Rover models fitted with the Jaguar 4.2 Litre Supercharged V8 engine, this is one of only two (LR Sport and Vogue S/C) where LPG conversion by other installers has been blamed for causing Valve Seat Recession (VSR). On the other hand, we'd not had one problem with our conversions in any one of those 6 models although many of them had covered significant mileages.

This seems odd, as the LR Sport and Vogue S/C engine and management systems are either identical or very similar in all 6 of those JLR cars, so what could be different about these two models in terms of conversion?

A few years ago we decided to investigate the claims and finished up having identified the cause(s) and finding the solutions. You can read about that on this seperate page;

Range Rover Sport, LPG and VSR

As in most high performance cases, ROMANO equipment was chosen because it is the best on the market for the job. Nowadays we install the latest 5th generation Romano kit which has many benefits over the competition. Several gains have been made in terms of hardware and software, but only as a result of the Romano committment to improvement and enhancement on a continuous and ongoing basis. For your RR Sport conversion we have all of the data and detail recorded to convert yours with no problem at all.

Here are a few pictures of the Go LPG Range Rover Sport S/C conversion;

Wonderful, fast, and now affordable cars, but quite expensive to run on Petrol.

We teach them about economy, completing the package.

Looking great from any angle with performance and handling to match.

The converted engine bay.

Unfortunately there's nothing to see, as the conversion components are well sited and completely hidden.

The Romano conversion integrates into the Sport model as if it were specifically made for the purpose.

The small ashtray in the centre console is the best site for the fuel changeover switch. It is easy to see, reach and operate. Fuel contents can be checked at a glace but the display does not distract you whilst travelling at night, because...

....the driver can just close the lid at will.
The LPG tank is fitted in place of the underslung spare wheel. The car looks no different at all from the back end.

The LPG filler is placed on the metal section of the rear bumper, just about the only position that will conform to regulations without being too conspicuous.

This location is very convenient as it allows filling from a pump on either side of the car......

.....and when the standard LR towing access flap is refitted, it can't be seen at all. Much better than cutting holes in bodywork or plastic bumpers!

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LP Gas burns cleanly.....

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