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The latest Romano 'N' type and HD type Multi Point Sequential Gas Injection System

See item further down this page on the latest HD (High Delivery) Variant

The 4th generation Romano system has all of the attributes and benefits of other multi point systems, although it benefits from a new one that none of its major competitors have - Split Fuelling ability. More on that later.

The Romano system is super intelligent, having the ability to inject gas in a truly sequential manner, just like the latest petrol vehicles. It achieves the latest European exhaust emission requirements with ease. This has a double meaning to the LPG motorist - A car that pollutes the least can be the most fuel efficient as little fuel is wasted.

The latest Romano system has many virtues;

User serviceable and individual injectors!

Romano injectors are individual, not part of a 3 or 4 cylinder rail. This means that a problem with one engine cylinder or its injector may be quickly identified. Even if the injector needs replacement (an extremely rare occurrence only due to contaminated gas) then that's all that must be replaced, one injector, not 3 or 4 at once.

Individual injectors have another benefit for the engineer - The pipes injecting gas into the manifold can be kept as short as possible on all cylinders. This is desirable because reaction times of the system can be crucial. This is not so with rail injectors. The pipes to all cylinders must be kept all the same length which often means that two pipes have to be coiled up and all of them are far longer than they would be with individual injectors.

This is a great kit but the bulky injector rails cannot be mounted under the engine covers and all of the pipes to the manifold have to be much longer than they would be with individual injectors.

When using Romano injectors we can get the effective pipe length down to 15mm (3/4") or so. With rail injectors the pipes are often 200 - 250mm long ( 8 to 10" ).

A Romano injector suffering from the effects of gas contamination can easily be stripped and cleaned by anyone who can wield a screwdriver. This is not so with any other make. Often, if one injector goes down on other systems, a whole rail of 3 or 4 injectors must be replaced which costs the owner in terms of money, waiting for postage both ways and the resulting vehicle downtime.

NOTE that injectors from other top line equipment suppliers are not user serviceable (not servicable by the installer either). Romano have made some gains over other high-end systems due to their ongoing programme of investment, research and development.

Individual Romano FAST injector.
Some other makers of LPG equipment use individual injectors but they cannot be stripped and cleaned.
To strip and clean a Romano injector, simply undo these 4 screws. This is an important benefit as gas contamination is rare, but not unknown.

Easy to operate....

Romano 'N' can truly be called 'Automated'. If the switch was left in the 'gas' mode when the engine was last stopped, it will automatically switch to gas operation when the correct engine temperature has been reached after any start. The changeover from petrol to gas (and vice versa) is absolutely seamless. At the other end of the scale, if the LPG tank contents are run low it will automatically switch back to petrol and sound an alarm to let you know this has happened. When the LPG tank is refilled this normal automatic operation will be resumed.

As with other makes, the Driver of a Romano LPG converted car can also switch back to petrol whilst driving at any time, simply by pressing a button.

Split Fuelling

We simply cannot get all the power that a very high perfomance engine (350 bhp +) produces when running it on a fuel that has only 85% of the potential energy of petrol. When converting very high performance cars for owners who like to use them to the full, the limits on how much power LPG can give are soon found.

In these cases like this there have been two ways to go (to date);

1. Some kit manufacturers and installers recommend a pre-set switch back to petrol when high power demands are made, the driver being in direct control of which fuel is being used. This is a good solution, allowing economical driving of a high performance car on LPG, then releasing all of its power on petrol by simply pressing the pedal harder. We describe it as giving you two cars in one, but it has to be said that those who drive energetically will use quite a lot of petrol.

2. Other kit manufacturers and installers will throw more money (your money!) at the problem in order to get all of the car's peformance on LPG, with varying amounts of success. The most popular enhancement is to fit one or two high output vaporiser / reducer units and an 8mm LPG supply pipe. In exteme cases, it may be necessary to fit two injectors per cylinder. That's all fine, but remember that the more the conversion costs, the further away that magical 'payback' or break-even point will be.

Now there is a third option.

Romano now give us dealers the ability to replace the missing 15% of power available by injecting (say) 15% petrol whilst still running on LPG. Using 85% LPG alongside 15% petrol is a lot more economcial than switching to 100% petrol or increasing the price of the conversion by several hundred pounds. This solution is ideal and it works very well.

It may also be that we can use this facility in quite a different way. Some engines with soft valves have benefitted from idling soley or partly on petrol (See 'Valve Seat Recession) which replaces some of the soot that retarded microwelding. Split fuelling could indeed provide us with a simple solution to Valve Seat Recession.

In a little more detail............

The Romano 'N' system requires even more information from the engine but uses a lot of data from the vehicle's existing engine management system (ECU) instead of picking it up raw at source like the earlier systems did.

Additional information required is;

Gas temperature

Gas pressure

Petrol injector pulse length

The Romano system also has its own ECU but this works in conjunction with the Petrol ECU, instead of working alongside it like the earlier non sequential systems did. In ordinary terms, that means that the car's original ECU will beleive it is still running the engine on petrol and is far less likely to get upset and start putting unnecessary warning lights on the dash.

More benefit of performance and economy are delivered by the new Romano system, along one or two useful bonuses. The new system will 'sense' that gas pressure is low and switch back to petrol before the gas tank runs dry - A very useful trick. It will even give you an audible warning to tell you it has done this. A 'self check' protocol has been added to the changeover procedure so that the system will not move on to gas if a problem exists.

The system now handles engines up to 4 Litres with a single vaporiser which makes life easier for us and more reliable for you. Last but not least, the latest 'FAST' type injectors can be stripped and cleaned using only basic tools, no more worries about injector contamination by poor quality gas.

We installed one of the first of these new kits in the UK last week, a Jaguar XJ8 3.2 was the lucky recipient. We were not disappointed. The car was road tested for 200 miles. Performance on LPG is just the same as with petrol and one can not even tell when the system has switched over to gas. All you notice is that it saves you a fortune on fuel bills because LPG economy is as good as it can get.

NOTE that the new Romano 'N' system will also run your car on CNG (compressed natural gas) if the tank and filler are changed. This means NO obsolecence when LPG has had its day. There is a future with Romano systems!

The latest Romano 'N' system installed on 4 Litre Jaguar / Daimler V8

No rail injectors to be seen and a better job in engineering terms.

Ongoing Development - The HD Variant

Using the successful and proven electronic platform of the 'N' system, Romano decided to make a system that would power the larger and higher performance engines that we UK motorists like to drive so much.

To begin, a beefier vaporiser / reducer unit was developed, giving almost double the heating surface (the larger this is, the more liquid gas can be vaporised in a shorter time). That was a great success, being able to fuel a 500 bhp engine, but it isn't much use having all that vapour on tap if you cannot get it into the engine quickly.

That is where the new HD injectors come into play. Their feed pipes are huge at 10mm internal diameter (larger than any other kit on the market) ensuring that vapour flows quickly and freely into the engine without impediment. These improvements build on the superior AEB operating software and hardware making an unbeatable high performance package.

We now use the HD system for high performance conversions such as Audi S8 and A8, Jaguar Supercharged models and higher compression Turbo charged cars of all makes. In our opinion, the Romano N and HD systems truly deserve the title 'State of the Art', beating any competition at the top end of the market hands down in terms of performance against price.

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