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1 Jaguar S Type 4.2 conversions completed

Jaguar S Type 4.2 Yr 2004

As many will know, we are confirmed Jaguar fans.

The development of our conversion repertoire has to follow the changes and improvements in Jaguar products. We waited some time to see the later 4.2 litre V8 engine and its associated engine managment changes. No small amount of research went into the conversion before the job began, cutting actual development time with the car here down to 2 weeks.

The conversion is a great success, giving the owner a package including a very keenly priced Jaguar 4.2 Litre car with quite civilised running costs.

Here are a few pictures of the Jaguar/Go LPG/ Romano conversion;

'S' Type 4.2 V8

These cars are simply fantastic value for money. Just over 2 yrs old, 35,000 miles and less than 15k to buy......

Go and get one now!

The LPG filler is sited on the lower part of the rear bumper. This position is ergonomic and the bumper is more than strong enough to withstand the forces placed upon it by an LPG filler gun. We like to avoid the use of body mounted fillers wherever possible as one ripple in a dark coloured panel can tarnish the look of the car.

There is also something to be said for having the LPG filler placed on the same side as the Petrol filler. Pulling up to the pump on the Petrol side when you wanted to fill with LPG on the opposite side can be a habit that is hard to break!

A 70 litre spare wheel tank fits neatly in the spare wheel well.

Not a great deal of space under the bonnet. LPG converters have to get very inventive in cases like this. LPG injectors are hidden under the top engine cover and reducers can just be seen on the top left of the picture.

The fuel choice switch is mounted on the top edge of the coin pocket using a plastic mounting bracket. This is a good site for visibility and reach but not interfering with the Driver's night vision.

Every Go LPG conversion comes with a nationally recognised insurance certificate. A 1000 mile 'bedding in' check and final adjustment session is also included in the price.

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LP Gas burns cleanly.....

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