LPG Converted Car For Sale

Jaguar XJ8 'T' Reg 3.2 litre V8 Automatic

A very cheap and presentable P/X to clear - Brand New LPG conversion installed.

No more Certificates!

All GO LPG converted sales cars are entered on the new UK LPG Approved Conversion database, assuring that the conversion has been correctly installed by UK LPG approved technicians. Insurers, DVLA and potential buyers can now check to see if any converted car is registered simply by using the internet. Conversion Certificates can no longer get lost whilst checking on any car you are thinking of buying is so much easier.
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Beautiful Blue metallic paintwork in good condition,
few minor marks and no car wash damage to the lacquer finish

Being a 1999 car this one has many revisions - the engine does NOT have nikasil liners,
the timing chains and tensioners can be forgotten about and the revised 3.2 engine performs
like the early 4.0 litre model.

The car is way above average condition for used XJ8's of its age and mileage,
and better than many several years younger.

It drives beautifully - there are no clonks or other nosies. If the speedo were blanked
out, most people would guess the mileage to be 50,000 or so. On the outside, it has looks
way beyond its low budget saloon price.

The LPG injectors are located where they belong -
next to the petrol injectors and underneath the plastic covers.
Sovereign style leather seating in VGC

Vehicle Details and Options

* Front and rear fog lamps

* Electric mirrors

* Trip computer

* Jaguar fitment Stereo / Cassette

*Jaguar fitment 6 x CD player

* Working Air Conditioning

* Cruise Control

* 145,000 miles with plenty more to go

* The car will only be sold with a full MOT

* Full stainless steel exhaust

* Working electric aerial

* 2 keys with a working key fob

*Electronic self- dimming rear view mirror

*Full Service History up to 80k, specialist afterward.

*Pirelli P6000 tyres, all in good condtion, no hidden tracking wear.

Down to Business....

This car (only) is priced at 995 including a full MOT.

LPG conversion with warranty and full engine service at a cost of 2000.
(The car is not available unconverted)
Package price 2995

Certainly there are cheaper cars around, although If you check comparable cars of similar condtion somewhere realistic (e.g. Autotrader.co.uk) you'll find this price is just right.

There may also be cars out there already converted to run on LPG, but do they come with a warranty on the LPG system, given by a company who will still be there to back it up?

2995 for a superb package that will halve your fuel costs!

LPG powered vehicles are extremely cheap to run! The fuel can be bought from .59p a litre (less than half the price of petrol) which means that this Jaguar has the fuel cost of a Ford Escort or similar. The car will still run on Petrol, having its original Petrol tank in place. Petrol may still be used at will, all it takes is the push of a button.

Low fuel costs and ZERO depreciation

Owners that bought converted cars from us in the past (since 2001) have not only recovered the conversion cost by saving money with LPG. Most people have recovered the whole cost of the car. When the car owes them nothing and they eventually decide to sell it on, whatever price they get for it is a complete bonus. Depreciation does not even figure in the equation and a converted car is easier to sell to those 'in the know'.

Footman James of Birmingham (Tel. 0121 561 4196) can arrange classic car insurance for this vehicle at very low rates.

Terms of Sale

Make sure you understand this before coming to view.

We accept Cash or Debit cards. Credit Cards plus 3%.


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