LPG Converted Car SOLD

Range Rover 4.6 litre Vogue
30th Anniversary Automatic 2001 'Y' reg'd

Special Edition 30th Anniversary Model - One of only 50 made for the UK market.

This is no ordinary P38 Vogue model

111,000 miles with full service history.

NOTE that the new 505 p.a. road tax will NOT apply to this car.
Road Tax on this vehicle is around 230 p.a.

No more Certificates!

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Beautiful deep metallic Wimbledon Green paintwork in very good condition.

Only 200 of the special 30th Anniversary models were made, although only 50 of them were DVD equipped.

Some of those 50 didn't get the Picnic Tables, but this one has all options.

A car with this top spec. and LPG is even rarer, making this example one of 2 or 3 in the world.

The cost of the fully equipped model (i.e this one) without the LPG conversion was 63,500.

The Revised LR P38

You may heave heard about the unreliability and complexity of P38 models and perhaps
avoided buying one. I felt similar until I learned that the 1999 onward (Thor engined) cars
are a wholly different car in many ways, Land Rover revised a lot more things than just the
engine. As a result, P38's from V reg onwards are far less trouble than N to T reg cars.

This car was carefully selected from hundreds. It has no problems with the Engine block, no
overheating issues, no glowing Airbag lights, no problems with the Air Suspension nor
the Aircon. It is utterly reliable, everthing works fine. The car is ready to give many more
miles before needing any money spending on it.

Virtually unmarked all around

Factory Electric slide / tilt sunroof and quality sidestep / mudflap kit fitted

Factory Towing kit fitted (Detachable)

The Prins LPG injectors can be seen in this picture.

The Slam panel has been removed to show the new Radiator
and AC Condenser installed Sept. 2015.

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The later P38 model (with the 'Thor' engine fitted) knocks the older V8 Petrol and
Diesel models for six in terms of performance, reliability and fuel economy when
running on LPG.

The Boot space is unaffected by the 91 litre spare wheel tank.

The factory fitted SAT NAV unit can also be seen in this picture.

Land Rover used specially sourced leather of a far higher quality than any other model for this
limited production run of just 200 cars. This is borne out by their condition today,
there is no appreciable wear, even on the edges of the Driver's seat.

The immaculate Burr Walnut Picnic Tables were an extra cost
option even on the top of the range Anniversary Model.

These are extremely rare due to their high cost when new.

Electric tilt and slide Sunroof

The rear DVD entertainment system was an extra cost option even on the Anniversary Model.

The wireless DVD headphones and Audio/Visual remotes.

Another immaculate Picnic Table and a full set of Owner's Manuals in their original Wallet.

Factory Fitted Sat-Nav and Harman Kardon Sound System.

Vehicle Details and Options

* Air Con

*Factory fit Electric Slide/Tilt Sunroof

* Very smooth 4.6 V8 engine

*Land Rover Alloy Wheels

* Land Rover factory fitment towbar

* Cruise Control

* All 4 tyres are virtually new

* 2 working Keys and Fobs (a spare key now costs just under 200 to buy and adapt to the car).

* The Air Suspension System has been removed and replaced by a much more reliable Spring Conversion.

The car has no warning lights coming up, no airbag lights, no suspension fault warnings, no 'bulb failure' warnings nor any of the common P38 problems.

LPG conversion Details

Prins 8 cylinder Multi - Point conversion with 91 Litre toroidal LPG tank fitted in the spare wheel well

Rear load space totally unaffected by LPG conversion

Recent Servicing and Maintenance.

The Aircon System was fully serviced on 02/10/15 by Gastechnique after a new Condenser and upper transfer pipe had been fitted. The Aircon system has had 450 worth of work done to make it perfect.

The car has also had a very recent full service, including;

Air and Oil Filters, Engine Oil drained and replaced.

Spark plugs replaced

The Front and Rear Brake Pads were replaced.

The Driver's Door Lock mechanism has been replaced with a new one.

A new exhaust centre section has been fitted.

A new Aluminium Radiator has been fitted.

A new, full size, 3 yr Warranty Battery was fitted 01/10/15.

Things that often don't work properly (or at all) on used P38's;

Cruise Control (The one in this car works perfectly)

Electric Windows and Sunroof (All work perfectly)

The EVAC climate control unit (Works perfectly)

The Aircon system (Works perfectly, see notes above)

The Heater system (Works perfectly)

CD player (Works perfectly)

Factory fitted Sat-Nav System (Works perfectly)

Radio (Works perfectly and comes with the correct security code)

DVD player, Headphones and Remotes (The entire system works perfectly)

Both Keys and Remote Fobs (Work perfectly)

Door Locks (All work perfectly)

LPG fuel system (This Prins system works perfectly)

Air Suspension System (This has been replaced with a Spring Conversion to ensure total future reliability)

The Rear Wiper (Works perfectly)

The Trip Computer (Works perfectly)

The Electric Petrol Flap Release (Unbelievably, it works!)

To sum up, this is a very rare car in superb condition, and optimised for both economy and reliability. I doubt I'll ever find another one quite like it. You may understand why I won't be accepting any offers for it.

The price of this car is 5995 .

If you check comparable cars somewhere realistic (e.g. Autotrader.co.uk) and then weed out the high mileage, odd coloured and accident damaged offerings you'll find ours is priced just right, especially as it is such a rare find and has a quality LPG conversion installed. It presents an unbeatable package.

Go LPG are UK LPG approved installers.

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5995 for a superb and very rare package that will halve your fuel costs
and allow you to avoid the new 505 p.a. road tax.

LPG powered vehicles are extremely cheap to run! The fuel can be bought from .58p a litre (less than half the price of petrol) which means that this Range Rover has half of its original fuel cost. The car will still run on Petrol, having its original Petrol tank in place. Petrol may still be used at will, all it takes is the push of a button.

Low fuel costs and ZERO depreciation

Owners that bought converted cars from us in the past (since Y 2000) have not only recovered the conversion cost by saving money with LPG. Most people have recovered the whole cost of the car. When the car owes them nothing and they eventually decide to sell it on, whatever price they get for it is a complete bonus. Depreciation does not even figure in the equation and a converted car is easier to sell to those 'in the know'.

Terms of Sale

Reading these before coming to view could save a lot of time.

As a result of our keen pricing strategy we cannot consider offers.

NO CHEQUES OR DRAFTS (unless 10 working days are allowed for clearance).




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