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Jaguar X300 1995 'N' reg.d 3.2 litre Automatic

NOTE that the new 515 p.a. road tax will NOT apply to this car.

No more Certificates!

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Metallic Blue paintwork in nice condition but not brand new.

This is the one of the best 3.2 XJ6's I have seen for a long time.
Its condition is very good, although it has to be viewed for what it is - A 21 yr old car.
It has covered 119,000 miles.

Magnolia leather Leather seating in VGC with hardly any wear on Driver's seat

Slide or tilt electric sunroof.

'Kiwi' Alloy Wheels in good condition, recently fitted with new tyres.

Vehicle Details and Options

* Trip computer

*Electric Slide /Tilt Sunroof

* 119,000 miles with 3 previous owners

* Overall 20 mpg on LPG equating to 40+ mpg on petrol money

* Certified MULTI POINT LPG conversion installed by Go LPG!

* Full stainless steel exhaust

*Just had major service

*The car will be sold with a full MOT

The condition of this car makes it a rare find. It really is one of the best 3.2 XJ6 models available today and worth every penny of its price.

250,000 miles plus is easily attainable in an X300 as long as servicing is attended to, although some cars make it on nothing but fuel and neglect. This underlines their quality.

We have a wealth of experience with the X 300 model and know the problems to look out for. To be fair, these are few although they are best avoided. Naturally we check cars over throughly before buying them and converting them. Here is a list and description of the most common faults found - Common X 300 faults You can rest assured that we looked for these before buying any car you are interested in. When required, spares for the X300 model are cheap to buy, even used parts are easy to get. Once the car has been converted to run on LPG the package is complete.

Space, Grace, Pace and Economy!

2495 for a superb package that will halve your fuel costs
and allow you to avoid the new 400 road tax.

LPG powered vehicles are extremely cheap to run! The fuel can be bought from .59p a litre (less than half the price of petrol) which means that this Jaguar has the fuel cost of a Ford Escort or similar. The car will still run on Petrol, having its original Petrol tank in place. Petrol may still be used at will, all it takes is the push of a button.

Low fuel costs and ZERO depreciation

Owners that bought converted cars from us in the past (since 2001) have not only recovered the conversion cost by saving money with LPG. Most people have recovered the whole cost of the car. When the car owes them nothing and they eventually decide to sell it on, whatever price they get for it is a complete bonus. Depreciation does not even figure in the equation and a converted car is easier to sell to those 'in the know'.

LPG Sure can actually give you a DISCOUNT on the insurance of your converted car. This has to be better than being charged more just because your car is converted!

Ring LPG Sure on 0800 0891 304 (Mon - Sat) and quote our dealer reference number 1133.

Vehicle Notes

There isn't much point in trying to compare the price of other similar cars on the market with any of ours. Other cars don't run on LPG and save their owners half of the normal fuel cost. The package we sell was never made by the manufacturer and it cannot be fairly compared to an unconverted car.

When the cost of the LPG conversion (1650) is deducted, the car is actually priced at 845. This represents less than 5% of the original purchase price of the car. It is in very good condition (but it isn't brand new) and has to be the one of the best value Dual fuel X300 models available today.

Viewing Note - Remember that you will not be viewing a car priced
at 2495 but 845 plus LPG conversion.

Terms of Sale

Reading these before coming to view could save a lot of time.

Our cars are priced to compete with cars of a similar age and condition but NOT LPG converted.
Check your local advertisers to confirm this.

As a result of our keen pricing strategy we cannot consider offers.

NO CHEQUES OR DRAFTS (unless 10 working days are allowed for clearance).




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