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Rolls Royce Silver Shadow Mk I and II

These cars make fine candidates for conversion, having lots of boot space to lose the LPG tank and offering a driving experience to please. Amazingly, good examples can be had for a few thousand pounds and run on classic insurance. Once they have been converted to run on LPG the whole thing comes together - Comfort, style, safety, ECONOMY! Who would beleive that you could run an Rolls Royce for Mondeo money?

LPG makes it possible.

Here are some pictures of the Silver Shadow conversion -

Shadow 2 learns a new trick.......ECONOMY! The Silver Shadow Mk I and II models are relatively easily to convert as they have carburetted engines. That said, the job must be done properly, using the correct components fitted in the right way. We can guarantee that performance of your Shadow will be as good on LPG as it is on petrol.

LPG filler to suit UK and the continent A good place for the filler is just below the rear bumper. It allows easy access but avoids cutting into those illustrious rear wings or the complicated
aluminium rear bumper dumb iron.

The filler is a few inches forward of the bumper line, making sure that it will not be damaged in a light to moderate rear end shunt. Generous loops are left in
the filler pipe to make sure that even a
heavy impact will not stretch it to breaking point.

This car was fitted with a 90 litre cylinder, giving 15.8 gals of actual capacity. There is still plenty of luggage space left!

(Please note that this car had been leaking water into the boot for a long period, the trim and carpets where mostly removed when it came in for conversion. This is why the trim looks untidy.)

90 litre cylinder leaves plenty of boot space
Vaporiser and gas solenoid in lower centre of this picture A tidy looking job normally works well too. We aim for both.

The main components of the LPG conversion can be seen in the lower centre of this picture.

The Go LPG! Rolls Royce Shadow I and II LPG conversion (with cylinder tank as shown) is priced at 1550 inclusive (March 2008)

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LP Gas burns cleanly.....

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