Go LPG 4WD Conversions

Mitsubishi Shogun 3.0 litre and 3.5 litre V6

Shadow 2 learns a new trick.......ECONOMY! The Shogun is a popular all purpose vehicle, well built and giving reasonable performance. It does not, however, know the economy trick.

We have converted both engine sizes to run on LPG using OMVL Dream multi point sequential injection equipment and Romano 'N' system multi point sequential injection equipment.

LPG filler to suit UK and the continent A good place for the filler is in the rear bumper. It allows easy access but avoids cutting into the rear wings.

The filler is sited in a depression in the bumper, making sure that it will not be damaged in a light to moderate rear end shunt. Generous loops are left in the filler pipe to make sure that even a heavy impact will not stretch it to breaking point.

The owner of this car wanted to avoid the extra cost of petrol tank replacement and an underslung LPG tank. A cheaper option was found by fitting a boot mounted 90 litre cylinder, giving 15.8 gals of actual capacity. There is still plenty of luggage space left!

90 litre cylinder leaves plenty of boot space
Vaporiser and gas solenoid in lower centre of this picture A good position for the fuel choice switch was found in the lower dashboard blanking plate (centre of picture)
A properly installed conversion requires the removal of the plenum chamber mounted on top of the engine.

The inlet manifold is drilled and tapped to receive the 6 Romano gas injectors (the black coloured items seen on the right of the inlet manifold).

90 litre cylinder leaves plenty of boot space

The Go LPG! Shogun V6 LPG conversion (with cylinder tank as shown) is priced at 1950.00 all inclusive.

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LP Gas burns cleanly.....

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