LPG Skid Units For Sale

Buy your Autogas in bulk, save even more
money and fill up at your convenience.

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1200 litre 240V skid unit - Fill your vehicle at your convenience

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Buying your own skid unit allows you to buy Autogas in bulk and save even more money, whilst remaining in control of the pump price. You will not be 'tied' to any particular Autogas supplier and free to check the whole of the market for the best price before buying supplies.

All of our skid units are either new, partly or fully refurbished. They come with the remaining balance of a full 10 year certificate after being built by a company of authorised LP Gas engineers. An on-site warranty applies to all of our skid units, although the return distance to be travelled has to be reasonable, i.e. within the greater Midlands area. The most popular tank sizes are 1/2 Tonne (1220 litres) or 1 tonne (2440 litres). The pump electrics are normally 240V single phase, allowing a normal outdoor 13A plug socket to be used.

1600 litre 240V skid unit including litre meter

Example picture ony - Not in stock

Normally, our Skid units are built to order, matching a customer's requirements, but we do have a limited number in stock from time to time.

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You may choose a skid unit fitted with a 'litre meter' or not. The metering unit is very expensive at an additional cost around 1000, and is not essential. When filling only your own vehicles it is a good idea not to order a skid unit with the meter included, you simply don't need one. You'll probably just fill your vehicle's tank right up like most people do, and you won't need to keep score at every fill. You can easliy monitor your use of LPG from the bulk tank, a visual gauge is fitted to every unit to show how much LPG remains.

A gauge is fitted to the bulk tank of every skid unit, allowing you to monitor the contents.

As with other LPG tanks the gauge indicates the contents as a percentage of the full capacity.

Contact us for enquiries on the skid units we have in stock, but first we have to be clear that there is no delivery and installation service for our skid units, they can only be collected from our Worcestershire base using your own (or your own contractor's) transport. We can lift the skid unit to load onto a flatbed trailer or flatbed lorry but prior notice is required.Don't do what one man did and turn up in a Transit van! The driver is responsible for ensuring the load is secure.

Normally, our Skid units are built to order, matching the customer's requirements, but we do have a limited amount in stock from time to time.

To see the Skid units we have in stock and ready to go, click HERE

Installation is often no more than choosing a suitable site, fitting a 240V 3 pin plug to the lead and getting the tank filled up with LPG. In general terms, the skid unit site must be positioned at least 3 Metres from any building and have level hard standing. You must check your local bye-laws on installation as they may vary. The onus is on you to check for compliance with any installation regulations.

It is also wise to ensure that your LPG supplier will be able to physically access the tank (with the tanker) in the chosen location to fill it up.

To find the cost of Bulk Autogas, contact your local suppliers.

Find and contact as many suppliers as you can to keep your options open.

A copy of the skid unit tank certification (not the original) must be lodged with every supplier before they will fill a bulk tank.

Contact us to enquire about buying a skid unit

We don't sell spare parts nor service or repair skid units. If you have a problem with a skid unit
bought elsewhere, we may be able to pass your requirements on to our supplier, although they
can only help if the job is located in the greater Midlands area.

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