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Rolls Royce Silver Spirit and Bentley Eight / Mulsanne

These cars make fine candidates for conversion, having lots of boot space to lose the LPG tank with performance to please. Amazingly, good examples can be had for a few thousand pounds and run on classic insurance. Once they have been converted to run on LPG the whole thing comes together - Comfort, style , safety, ECONOMY!

Who would beleive that you could run an Rolls Royce for Mondeo money?

Here are some pictures of the Silver Spirit conversion -

Bentley Mulsanne converted using the latest multi point gas injection equipment.

Note that we no longer offer the single point conversion for this model

Fuel choice switch (center of picture) mounted in easy sight and reach of the driver

Fixed bayonet (no fiddly adapters) filler point shown as mounted on the rear bumper with dust cover removed

The owner of this car was not bothered about boot space an went for LPG range instead, chosing to have the 100 litre cylinder tank fitted.

4 of the 8 gas injectors can be seen here, mounted on the rocker cover

LPG reducer / vaporiser unit mounted underneath the inlet air hose

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LP Gas burns cleanly.....

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