To Contact us by E mail is always the best way.
Then I can reply when I have time.

If you have any trouble with the E Mail link, our address is

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Contacting us by Landline

I can Do, or I can teach.

Which one of these choices do you want to pay me for?

We don't run a free LPG helpline or information service.

Like you, I have a living to make, but every time the phone rings here, work stops.
I cannot fix cars over the 'phone, nor can I fix cars for free. Don't ring me to pick my brains.
If you want to consult me on a converted car, ring to book an appointment.
I will then make an initial assessment to see if I can help.

Existing LPG System Consultations

If you have an enquiry to make about an existing LPG system, visit this page for more information - Consultation

If you want general information on LPG systems;

General LPG queries are covered on the 'FAQ' section of this website, the largest and most informative on the internet. Our principal also does a lot to help people with LPG related problems on the internet when time permits, but this has to be done during downtime and cannot be allowed to disrupt work in progress.

If the website information provided freely does not help with your enquiry, then please do not phone us.

To get a truly up to date and objective view on LPG Conversion, the best people to contact would be the LP Gas Association - 01425 461612.

The LP Gas Association website can be found at

Conversion Cost Enquiries

We are small but very busy Company. We do not have Secretaries or other admin. staff to deal with phone calls and conversion enquires. This helps us to our overheads down. The resulting savings are passed on to our customers in the form of lower prices and better quality product.

It is always better to contact us by Email so we can give your questions and any work in progress our best attention.

We ask that all conversion cost enquires be made only by E mail, not by phoning the workshop number.

Existing LPG System Servicing Enquiries

If you have an enquiry on servicing of an LPG system, visit this page for more information - Servicing

For Conversion Bookings, Car Sales enquiries and Work in Progress ONLY;

Our workshop telephone number is 01905 759874. It is not a helpline service.

If we are involved in a complicated stage of a conversion your call may not be answered. In that case contact us by Email or send a text to the mobile number below.

Contacting us by Mobile phone

This is also not a helpline service.

I cannot fix cars over the 'phone, nor can I fix cars for free. Don't ring me to pick my brains.

If I'm on the mobile number it is likely that I will be either driving or in a meeting.
Text messaging is always the best way to make contact.

If you have a question that we haven't covered on the website, use the E mail link provided below.

Mobile number 07811 269186

NOTE that this is NOT an open invitation to phone during evenings or weekends.

We are open Mon - Fri 8.30 - 5.30 and do not take calls outside of that time.

The phone is often switched off during evenings and weekends when we are closed.
To get a message to us out of business hours (8.30am - 5.30pm Mon-Fri) send a text or contact us by Email

If you are seeking general LPG information, a truly up to date and objective view can be got from the LP Gas Association - 01425 461612. Their website can be found at