Toby - Range Rover P38 4.6

Go LPG sort out LPG problems....

For anyone thinking of having their car converted by Go LPG;

I couldnít be happier with my multi point LPG system which hasnít missed a beat since fitted about 2 years and 15,000 miles ago.

Performance wise I might as well be driving on petrol, the engine runs just the same but at only at half the cost. I use my Range Rover daily, and about once a month (in season) for towing a 6.5 meter dive rib all round the country. I met Steve of Go LPG by way of a high recommendation from my trusted Land Rover specialist Dave Hodgetts. My old single point gas system (originally fitted to the vehicle before I owned it) began to cut out at idle. Steve got it working to get me by, but explained that if I planned to keep the car for a couple of years or so, the best way forward would be to fit a new and more up to date 'front end'. There was no pressure from him to do that, he'd have been happy to back me up anyway, but said that this was his best advice. After some thought and other problems developing with the worn out system I chose to go for the multi-point upgrade. I'm pleased I was given such reliable and balanced information. Until today, writing this item, I havenít looked back once.

In conclusion;

With the new system giving me better MPG on LPG compared to the old system, the fact that it hasnít even needed looking at since being fitted, and the advantages of the new easy to read percentage LPG gauge fitted on the dash, I would recommend a Go LPG conversion to anyone.

Please feel free to ask Steve for my number if you need further information.

All the best


I'm sure there will be some folk reading this study with a cynical eye, ranging from those who merely think there is not enough proof published to back the claim right through to those that may accuse us of making it all up. Naturally, we cannot give contact details for Toby as he'd be inundated with questions, spammed like crazy and in the case of one or two internet extremists, perhaps sent viruses or defamed and abused. I'm sure most would agree that Toby has a right to his privacy and complete protection from this.

However, there is a way that those wishing to validate this information can do just that.

Under recent Consumer Protection Legislation it is an offence to 'mislead the consumer' by making invalid, inaccurate or groundless claims. If anyone has doubts about this study or any of the information contained within it, all they need to do is make a complaint to their local Trading Standards Dept. who will investigate.

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