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Jaguar XJ8 ( X308 ) 4.0 learns new tricks.....

It took us a long time to find suitable equipment to convert this model, first done in 2002. Now the conversion is well established and we have all of the data recorded to convert yours with no problem at all. The XJ8 can be very well converted with DT Autogas, BRC or Romano 'N' system equipment.

This 3.2 Litre car (conversion number 93) was brought all the way from Dordogne, France, for conversion by Go LPG. Romano equipment was used for the job.

Read what the owner of this car had to say when writing to Jaguar Enthusiast Magazine (October 2008)

Go LPG XJ8 conversion number 57 was a very low mileage 3.2 model with
original Nikasil engine. The car is owned by a Jaguar Project Manager working at the Gaydon facility.

Here are a few pictures of the Go LPG XJ8 conversion;

Wonderful and affordable cars, but quite expensive to run.

We teach them the economy trick, completing the package.

Although there is not much to see (we carefully sited the electronics in dry and dust free positions) this is how the conversion looks under the bonnet from the left hand side.

The OMVL type LPG injector rails used on this car can be seen mounted on the top covers. Romano injectors can be hidden below the covers.

This is how the job looks when Romano equipment (our preferred choice for this model) is used. The injectors hide neatly under the original top engine covers. The reducer (vaporiser) is easier to see in this picture (lower right of centre).

The fuel choice switch is mounted in the coin pocket using a bracket. It is easy to see and use but well out of the Driver's way.

Here is the base level 70 litre single hole spare wheel tank option. Plenty of space left if you carry a space saver spare wheel.

For a modest increase in cost there is now an 84 litre single hole spare wheel tank option.

For those that need increased range on LPG we now offer 4 hole toroidal tanks having a water capacity of either 83 or 91 litres. This option has additional cost.
When the 70 litre or 83 litre tank options are fitted, the boot floor is as flat as it was before conversion.

In this case, the owner can get his golf bag and golf trolley in with ease.

Filler Point

The LPG filler is placed at the bottom of the rear bumper, just about the only position that will conform to regulations but remain easy enough to use without kneeling. A coil is put in the filler pipe to prevent breakage during a rear - end shunt, but even if the pipe where completely severed the multi valve would stop any significant leakage. All that can escape is the gas content of the pipe since the last fill.

For those who have not seen this type of filler before, it is of the 'fixed bayonet' type, the only one that is certified for use by the LPGA. We fit a square black plastic dust cover which can be seen hanging below the filler point.

Here is another filler option, the Recessed Box type. It is much harder to fit and more expensive at base conversion price +30.00.

Be aware that this type of filler can cause 'rippling' of the body panels they are mounted in, due to the weight of the filler gun.

This type of filler has two other disadvantages;

1. Unlike the bracket mounted type, it will only allow filling from a pump on the same side as the filler. This can be a nuisance in tight Garage forecourts.

2. The black plastic recessed filler box is not suitable for painting to match the car's body colour - Paint cannot bond to this type of plastic properly. It will simply drop off after a few months.

The type of plastic that is used to make the Recessed Filler box does not provide a good 'key' for paint. It doesn't matter how much the surface is abraded (sanded), nor what kind of paint is used, it will not stick properly.

In addition, the plastic will expand and contract with temperature changes which will make the paint seperate.

It might be better to leave this kind of filler plain black instead of ending up with it looking like this after 3 months or so.

Find out more about Filler Points

See our general information page on the XJ8 model
LPG fuel endurance (economy) figures -

To find out what sort of economy injected LPG can offer, we did this road test.

On a business trip to Surrey, the 90 litre tank was filled to capacity and the 'A' and 'B' trip meters zeroed.

The car was driven in mixed conditions at up to 90 miles an hour (sorry officer!), 10 MPH crawls consistent with M25 'motoring' and about 25% around town - The average speed was shown to be 39 miles an hour.

Just today (30th May '02) whilst in Birmingham the car began to lack acceleration and Steve decided to fill it up. He managed to squeeze 80 litres in (by holding the pump button in as long as was possible) and then read trip meter 'A'............

It read 347.7 miles..........And this for 80 litres (17.58 imp Galls) of LPG. This produces 19.78 miles per gallon or 347.7 miles for 25.53 ( Filled at Morrison's Supermarket, who charge a commendable 31.9p per litre). An unbelievable 7.3p per mile and surely as cheap to run as our example Ford Escort......

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