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Jaguar XJR (Aluminium body) Supercharged V8

Go LPG like to keep up with the times, especially on the high performance and bespoke coversion front. We like a challenge! The current model XJR was a natural progression for us.

Whilst the 4.2 V8 supercharged engine is also fitted to the Range Rover Sport model and probably been converted many times, things are much harder to get at when this engine is under a Jaguar bonnet. We are not aware of any company that has successfully converted the X350 XJR. We may well be the first.

New Conversions like this require a lot of research on the model, and a lot of long term testing after the conversion is complete. The aluminum body makes life less simple as one has to be aware of the harmful cathodic effect that steel nuts and bolts can have on it. Further complication is provided by having to move the air supsension units fitted in the boot, and finding a way to keep the sensitive engine management system happy. To do that, we usually buy a car and use it as a test bed. The investment is always worth it though as we are often the first to undertake such a conversion and, until others copy us, the only company able to offer it to the public. Having the XJR firmly under our belt also suggests that conversion of the lower powered, normally aspirated versions will be well within our capabilies and that is a fact - Converting the V6 or V8 model X350 is a breeze after doing the XJR.

Current prestige car values (Jan '09) allow you to buy a car like this (cost new 70k) for a fraction of its original price, and Wow! You get an awful lot for your money... The V8 engine has been uprated to 4.2 litres and 400 BHP although the car has lost weight - The use of Aluminium makes the X350 a whopping 165 Kg's lighter than the older model, making it both faster and more fuel efficient. It'll be even better on LPG..... Go an buy one today!

We took a careful look at all of the LPG equipment currently on the market to convert this car. I had a firm target of full performance on LPG with no change back to petrol at any speed. Only one or two kits seemed like they might be up to be up to the job but there was always some compromise that wasn't acceptable. At about the same time, the new Romano HD system was just about to be released. One of the first kits in UK was delivered without delay. After development the job was completed and all of the targets were achieved. It is impossible (even for me) to tell which fuel the engine is running on and just as impossible to find the limit of the car's performance on LPG on today's roads.

We have all of the data recorded to convert your X350 XJR with no problem at all. The job takes around 2 weeks including extensive set up and road testing.


Since this article was written, we've now converetd all six Jaguar / Land Rover models fitted with the Jaguar 4.2 Litre Supercharged V8 engine.

Here are a few pictures of the Go LPG XJR conversion;

Wonderful, fast, affordable cars.

We teach them the economy trick, completing the package.

The latest generation of Romano HD multi point gas injection equipment allows us to convert the car so well that it is practically impossible to find any difference in performance. Only the cost of running the car is seriously reduced.

Although there is not much to see (we carefully sited the electronics in dry and dust free positions) this is how the conversion looks under the bonnet.

The single Romano HD vaporiser /reducer unit will keep up with 500 BHP and beyond.
The small coin pocket on the driver's right is the best site for the fuel changeover switch. It is easy to reach and operate. Fuel contents can be checked at a glace but the display does not distract you whilst travelling at night .

Tanks must be of the 4 hole type for this conversion, choices range between 70 - 91 litres. Here you can see the 91 litre toroidal (spare wheel) tank.
The boot floor panel closes completely flat. Plenty of space left if you carry a space saver spare wheel.
The LPG filler is fixed to the body at the bottom edge of the rear bumper, just about the only position that will conform to regulations but remain easy enough to use without kneeling. This avoids cutting nasty holes in the bodywork and it must be remembered that Aluminium is far less able to resist panel rippling than a Steel panel would. A coil is put in the filler pipe to prevent it fbreking off during a rear - end shunt, but even if the pipe where completely severed the non-return valve in the tank would stop any significant leakage. All that can escape is the gas content of the pipe since the last fill.

To learn more about fillers and the regulations that control their positioning, click 'Fillers'

Using this type of filler not only avoids cutting a hole in the car's rear wing or bumper. Unlike a side-mounted filler point, it can be used with a filling pump on either side of the car.

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