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2008 Jaguar XFR Supercharged V8

Go LPG like to keep up with the times, especially on the high performance and bespoke coversion front. Not many XF's have been converted as yet, and the few that have been converted are simple 3 Litre 6 cylinder models. These present no challenge with their X type engine and fuel management systems, only the bodyshell is different from the X Type in conversion terms. We couldn't see any point in going down that road, wanting something more. After having great success in converting the 4.2 V8 Supercharged X350 XJR and the 4.2 V8 S Type R the XFR (actually designated 'XF SV8') was a natural candidate for our research and development. Until other conversion companies copy us, we'll be the only installers offering a properly engineered XFR conversion.

At this point it is worth mentioning that 3-6 weeks go into the design and engineering of a new conversion like this one. Lots of painstaking work go into every detail to get the conversion operating perfectly whilst being aesthetically pleasing and reliable. This investment of our time pays huge dividends to our customers and ourselves alike - future conversion times are drastically cut but the same good results are repeatable.

Since this article was written we've now converted all six Jaguar / Land Rover models fitted with the Jaguar 4.2 Litre Supercharged V8 engine,

Can you imagine what standard of conversion you'd get from one of those 'done in a day' conversion outfits if you trusted them with a car like this?

The Car

At first I was a little unwilling to accept such a bold departure from what I'd always thought of as 'Jaguar' styling, I wasn't so keen on the looks of this new model, but now it's beginning to convince me what a spankingly good car it really is. Driving it is a pleasure, the way its vast power is delivered with turbine-like smoothness is just amazing. For comparison, I can only say it is unlike any other Jaguar model save the brilliant X350 XJR - it drives in a very similar way, akin to modern Bentley and Audi S8 cars. The XF range presents us with a fusion of XK coupe styling whilst also offering a full 5 seats and 4 doors like the more family friendly XJ models. For some, the XF range could offer the best of both of the XK and XJ worlds with the XFR model being the pinnacle in terms of performance and equipment. The only problem is the running cost, but that's OK, we have a good solution for that!

The Go LPG converted XFR engine bay looks hardly any different, but the runnning cost is halved.

The Conversion

The 4.2 V8 supercharged Jaguar engine is also fitted to the Range Rover Sport model and has been converted many times, but things are much harder to get at when this engine is under a Jaguar bonnet. The S Type R was difficult enough, but XFR is worse - the tightest fit yet. We are not aware of any other company having successfully converted the XFR. The car shown here may well be a world first. Until we do another, that makes the car totally unique.

On a recent business trip, mixed motorway and urban use, the car covered 318 miles on one tank of LPG.

The car shown in this item is now for sale - Click HERE to see details.

We have all of the data and details recorded to convert your 4.2 XFR with no problem at all. The job takes around 2 weeks including extensive set up and road testing. Click the link below to begin the journey to halve your XFR's fuel costs.


I'm becoming tired of folk making contact, but only wanting to 'pick my Brains' and get the conversion details for this car, e.g. tank size and location.

My position is quite simple - I've put in all the hours of research on this model and deserve to get paid for it. I'm not going to give it away - I don't run a free information service.

Don't contact me about the XFR conversion unless you want to;

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