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XJ6 series 1,2 and 3 1969 - 1986

Keith Thompson's 1986 4.2 series 3 model, converted by
Go LPG and saving 's by the bucketload.....
Here's another ......Lloyd Lewzey's beautiful
1986 4.2 XJ6, the last of the line.

Jaguar XJ6 series 1, 2 and 3 saloons

The XJ6 range is wholly uncatalysed, the early versions being carburetted and later 4.2 models fuel injected. They display ride quality and 'feel' that was lost in the later XJ40 model but later regained in the X300. The XK engine was smooth but carried over to the Series 3 XJ6 right from late 1950's MK 10 and 1960's E type models and was well behind in efficiency if judged against similar engines in the early 80's. Placed against XJ40 and X300 models the Series 3's have relatively heavy fuel consumption, making them worthy candidates for conversion. They are not simple to convert and demand a high level of skill and equipment to do the job properly.

Early cars ( 2.8, 3.4 and 4.2 litre twin carb. )

These engines can be converted very well with OPEN LOOP LPG systems. That said, it is NOT correct to call this installation 'Single Point', as with twin carb.s it must be dual (or twin) point. All other conversion details (tank, switch and filler positioning) are the same as the injected version shown below.

Fuel injected 4.2 litre cars

A wholly different kettle of Fish.....

To effect this conversion properly it must include some items crucial to the protection of the early 'flap' type of airflow meter. Cheaper coversions may omit these items to save 100 or so, but the first backfire may leave you with a damaged or irepairable airflow meter. If that happens, at best you will be going nowhere that doesn't involve a tow truck. At worst, pieces of broken airflow meter can be sucked into the engine with bad news following close behind.

Those crucial components are (1) a Backfire containment or damage limitation valve and (2) an Exclusion device. They are shown in the following pictures.

Here are some pictures of the XJ6 conversion.......

Fits like it was made for it.....

The 300mm x 1000mm 70 litre cylinder tank slots neatly into the front of the boot space, leaving plenty of room.

For very long range (or as an alternative) the 70 litre spare wheel (Toroidal) tank can be added. It is more expensive than the cylinder.

If chosen as an alternative, remember that the spare must go somewhere unless you have your tyres treated with anti-deflation sealant.

There aren't any suitable sites for the fuel choice switch on the dashboard. A popular choice is to have it fitted on the side of the centre console close to the edge of the Driver's seat.
The bumper mounted filler (centre of the picture) is easy to reach.

This type of adapter is called the 'fixed bayonet' type and needs no adapter for use in UK. It is the only type of filler approved by the LPGA.

There is plenty of room to fit the vaporiser on the NS front inner wing.
The Backfire limitation valve is seen here fitted to the left of the airflow meter.

The Exclusion Device is seen fitted on the right of the airflow meter.

We do not advise conversion without these!

The final 'front end' change is a free flow type air filter, chosen not for its aerodynamic properties but for its size. It is simply impossible to fit the original air filter after all of our additions are made to the inlet system.

The XK engine operates very well on LPG, it runs quieter and performance is often improved. Exhaust system life is at least doubled, very important if the car has the standard mild steel item fitted. Engines stay cleaner inside and engine oil life is doubled.

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