Retro-fitting XJ8 / XJR Cruise Control

Large numbers of XJ8 and XJR V8 models built between 1997 and 2000 were not fitted with Cruise Control. The lack of this option seems to spoil an otherwise brilliant, well equipped car. I've seen buyers reject a car because of this only. I have done the same. Why put up with this omission when other cars have it?

It's just that sometimes a nice car may come along, ticking the boxes in every other category. It may be that we decide to turn a blind eye to the lack of Cruise and buy the car anyway.

"I don't use it that often anyhow......"

But still it niggles at you....

When I bought my 1998 XJR it had everything I wanted, including a replacement Steel lined engine fitted by Jaguar and the Romano LPG conversion we installed for the owner some 2 years earlier. The car had options not often seen in an XJR, the slide and tilt sunroof being the most rare. The one thing that annoyed me (as the car was so close to my ideal) was the absence of the steering wheel mounted Cruise Control key pad. It balances up the Audio controls on the other side so nicely. A steering wheel without it looks unfinished to me.

It just looks right.........

I decided to begin researching the possibility of retro-fitting a Cruise Control system removed from a car being broken up for spares.

As a result of all that research we now offer a complete, orginal Jaguar Cruise Control fitting service for XJ8 and XJR models from 1997 - 2000 (Vacumn operated) and 2000 -2003 (electronically operated) at a cost of 395 - 495 depending on whether you have a cruise steering wheel ready or not.

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