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16 XJR6 conversions completed

XJR6 Supercharged learns some manners of the wallet kind.....

The Supercharged version of the Jaguar X300 is now an attractive proposition - Cheap to buy, especially with petrol prices over 1 a litre, and having the benefit of the reliable 6 cylinder AJ16 engine. In many ways this car is more reliable and economical to run than an XJR V8. If only petrol were less than 50p per litre....!

LPG gives us just that, allowing enthusiasts to have a car that is a joy to drive whilst being relatively cheap to run and maintain. For whatever reason, it took a long time before the 6 cylinder XJR came our way for conversion. When it finally did, we chose the latest DT Autogas SGi system for the job, and decided to explore larger X300 spare wheel tank options at the same time. Now the XJR6 conversion is complete it scores very high in terms of performance and LPG tank capacity (now up to 91 litres, 73 actual for the spare wheel tank). We have all of the data on this conversion recorded to enable us to do yours with no problem at all.

XJR6 conversion number one. Yes, they are almost always Aquamarine!

Here are a few pictures of our XJR conversion -

Although there is not much to see (we carefully sited the electronics in dry and dust free positions) this is how the conversion looks under the bonnet from the left hand side.

The DT Injectors an their LPG feed pipes can be seen inbetween the rocker cover and the petrol injector cover
The coin pocket in the lower dashboard still gives the best overall postion for the fuel choice switch.

For range we chose a four hole 91 litre toroidal (spare wheel) tank. To fit this tank, we have to reshape the boot floor a little and move the battery over as far as it will go. The floor panel is raised a little with this option due to the height of the tank.
Here is the cheaper 70 litre spare wheel tank option. Plenty of space left in the boot if you carry a space saver spare wheel.
The LPG filler is placed at the bottom of the rear bumper, just about the only position that will conform to regulations but remain easy enough to use without kneeling. A coil is put in the filler pipe to prevent breakage during a rear - end shunt, but even if the pipe where completely severed the multi valve would stop any significant leakage. All that can escape is the gas content of the pipe since the last fill.

To learn more about fillers and the regulations that control their positioning, click 'Fillers'

For those who have not seen this type of filler before, it is of the 'fixed bayonet' type, the only one that is certified for use by the LPGA.

Here is another filler option, the recessed box type.

It is much harder to fit and more expensive at base conversion price +30.00.

Be aware that this type of filler can cause 'rippling' of the body panel they are mounted in due to the weight of the filler gun (See 'Fillers')

Also note that there is a hidden disadvantage in having a filler mounted on one side of your car - You have to wait for the chance to get to an LPG pump on the same side as your filler. If you have a rear mounted filler like the one on the bumper above, it is likely that you can use a pump from either side. This can be a great benefit on a tight garage forecourt.

As for performance when running on LPG, the XJR6 performs just as it does on petrol, even when driven in 'Sport' mode.

I haven't been able to find any performance limit on the LPG system although I have found the points limit on my licence.......

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LP Gas burns cleanly.....

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