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17 XKR conversions completed

Supercharged XKR V8 Convertible shuns 5.50 a gallon....

It took us a long time to find suitable equipment to convert the Supercharged XJ range of engines properly. Only the latest Romano HD equipment was up to the job.

Now the XKR conversion is complete we have all of the data recorded to convert yours with no problem at all.

Here are a few pictures of the Go LPG XKR Convertible conversion;

Wonderful, fast, affordable cars, even better as a convertible
although quite expensive to run.

We turn them into an everyday use package.

The latest generation of Romano multi point gas injection equipment allows us to convert the car so well that it is hard to find any difference in performance. Only the cost of running the car is seriously reduced.

The XKR is incredibly tight under the bonnet, much tighter than the XJR Saloon. This situation is even worse on a convertible model, fitted with its extra stiffening straps.
Although there is not much to see (we carefully sited the electronics in dry and dust free positions) this is how the conversion looks under the bonnet from the right hand side.

Romano constantly seek to improve their products. The latest HD vaporiser/reducer unit can handle 500bhp with no problem at all. No more dual reducer installations for us, a good thing as we struggle to find space for them.

The small depression in the centre console is the best site for the fuel changeover switch (ringed in RED). It is easy to reach and operate. Fuel contents can be checked at a glace but the display does not distract you whilst travelling at night .

For good LPG range we chose an 88 litre toroidal (spare wheel) tank.
The boot floor panel closes completely flat. Plenty of space left if you carry a space saver spare wheel.
The LPG filler is placed at the bottom of the rear bumper, just about the only position that will conform to regulations but remain easy enough to use without kneeling. A coil is put in the filler pipe to prevent breakage during a rear - end shunt, but even if the pipe where completely severed the multi valve would stop any significant leakage. All that can escape is the gas content of the pipe since the last fill.

To learn more about fillers and the regulations that control their positioning, click 'Fillers'

Using this type of filler not only avoids cutting a hole in the car's rear wing or bumper. Unlike a side-mounted filler point, it can be used with a filling pump on either side of the car.

Before we can give a price estimate and book a conversion slot for any XKR V8 model you must read this item on NIKASIL lined engines.

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LP Gas burns cleanly.....

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