What filler adapters will I need in European countries?

In the best traditions of standardisation, many of of us are not even slightly surprised that you need a different LPG filler adapter for just about every Country in Europe!

Here's some info. to help you get prepared for your European motoring, and at least some good news......

You probably have a filler that will suit at least two different systems already!

The UK/Netherlands bayonet filler hose. Beginning with the UK filler you have already got, the hose connector looks like this when viewed from the end. The slots slide over the pins on the filler neck and the connector is then turned to lock it on, a bit like fitting a light bulb in reverse. Finally, the locking handle is closed to form a gas -tight seal.
Here's a close up view of the present UK filler neck. It was a pretty poor choice initially, as the only other Country to use this system is the Netherlands.

Still, at least that makes one European Country that you won't need an adapter for!

(Notice that even this filler has provision for screwing a suitable adapter into its centre, so it is not as limited as it might first seem.)

Unlike the example in the picture above, most fillers fitted in UK were designed to be used in another Country first, and then provided with the UK adapter to screw into it (like the one in this picture). This makes things slightly easier as you will have the means to fit other adapters with a suitable male thread and you might already have a filler suitable for another system by merely leaving out the UK adapter.
Here's a good example. This type of filler is fitted to many UK vehicles and needs the adapter fitted to fill from our UK standard pumps.

However, when the adapter is removed (as shown in the picture) this is the French filler.

It is well worth your while to find out what system your particular filler already suits before you rush off and buy boxes of adapters!

* See Adapter notes at the bottom of this page

Moving on to adapters themselves, the standard filling connection in the Republic of Ireland is called the 'Acme' connector. The outside diameter is 1.75" (45mm). Some Irish LPG sales outlets have adapters, particularly those near the ferry terminals, but it would be far better to obtain one before travelling to Ireland. In the future this problem is expected to be resolved with the adoption of a standard European connector system. NB! Please note that the other end of any adapter must have a thread suitable for screwing into your vehicle's filler.
More pictures of different European adapters are being collected and will be placed here as soon as we get them.........

*Adapter notes

All adapter threads are NOT the same.....

Note that different makes of filler and adapter may well have different thread sizes and will not be interchangeable.

For this reason Go LPG do not stock adapters (we'd have to have a lorry load on the shelf to cater for all) and cannot supply the adapter you need for a European trip.

If you need an adapter, the best thing to do is to identify the make of your filler, and then ring or visit major suppliers of LPG equipment to the trade to see if they can help. If you cannot identify the maker of your filler, take it with you and show it to the supplier. Your visit will be a waste of time if you don't.

Use of the adapter in any country......

Be sure to screw your adapter in tight enough to make a gas tight seal on with the sealing washer before you begin filling with LPG. If the adapter is not screwed in tightly enough to make a seal on both faces of the washer, gas will escape, freezing the washer. If this happens, the washer is practically useless as it becomes very hard when frozen, losing its ability to seal the joint faces. More leaks are inevitable.

There is no point in then trying to tighten the adapter further to make it seal - If the washer is frozen stiff it will not work, however much you tighten it. (Incidentally, this is what causes most of the wear on sealing washers.)

Having thawed out the washer, you can again try to fill the tank, maybe giving it a bit more of a tweak than you did before.

Watch out for filler hoses that are twisted!

They may tend to unwind when you let go of them to fill the tank, perhaps undoing the adapter and causing a filling leak.

If the hose is twisted in the opposite direction, it may overtighten your adapter preventing removal after filling is completed. If this happens, never use tools or force on an adapter to try and loosen it - Use the filler gun itself to loosen it and then remove it by hand as normal.

Prevention is always better than cure, and a few seconds spent straightening the pump / filler hose before filling will stop either of the above problems arising.

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