Can I buy LPG if I go motoring in Europe?

LPG is relatively easy to find in most European Countries. France and Germany have good supplies. The Netherlands are way ahead of UK as LPG is much more commonly used there. A list of outlets in Ireland is availble on the internet.

We have owners of cars converted by us living in France, running on LPG without problems, Here is a letter written by one of those people which gives a lot of useful information about driving in France and how to find French LPG (GPL).

To help you along with a European trip it may be a good idea to contact the AA or the RAC if you are a member, see what advice they can give you. It might be a good idea to ask them through their websites.

Another good idea is to visit the LPG outlet lists held on the internet and contact the various companies direct. Ask them if they have outlets in the Country (Countries) you intend to visit.

As we get information on European supplies we will post it here for you. If anyone has information that will help fill in the gaps then please mail it to us!

Have fun!

We are working on an article to show you what adapters you will need for filling in different European countries. You can see how this is progressing by going to our article
Do I need adapters to fill up in Europe?

12/01 news .......... Confirmation that an LPG converted vehicle cannot be transported through Eurotunnel has been received.

It was thought that the measure was taken in the interests of safety (fire risk) but some curious anomalies are evident -

1. That Caravans, Motorhomes and similar may carry LPG cylinders through the tunnel, and

2. That Petrol tanks are a greater risk in any event.....

So, it appears that there is another and quite different reason for banning LPG converted vehicles in the tunnel and we'd be interested to know what it is!

NOTE for first timers!

In France and other European countries, LPG is called 'GPL' !

This is not dyslexia on the part of our continental partners, just the language difference!

SPAIN - From July 2004 LPG will be available to private users in Spain - Up to now it was only provided for Govt. vehicles. Fill your boots!

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