How do I fill my tank with LPG?

A typical LPG refuelling plant that may be installed at practically any suitable site. Unlike Petrol forecourts, LPG storage does not rely on underground tanks. This allows easy installation on all sorts of places. This one is in a Farmer's front yard.
To fill your tank, park within easy reach of the filler hose and fit whatever adaptor you may have. (These vary depending on the type of filler fitted to your vehicle). 90 litre tank fitted inside Jaguar XJ 40 boot
The tank from another angle. There is still plenty of load space. Check that the outer barrel of the filler gun (both types) will rotate through 90 degrees before attempting to put it on your filler point. DO NOT use a filler gun with a barrel that will not rotate. Now line up the grooves inside the filler nozzle to locate over the bayonet pins on your adaptor.
Slide the filler nozzle over the adaptor allowing the grooves to pass over the bayonet pins........
.....until the adaptor is completely covered by the nozzle.
Support the nozzle with one hand, reaching down to grasp the engagement handle (bottom right of picture) with the other.

Turn the outer part of the nozzle to your right to engage the bayonet pins in their locating spaces inside the nozzle (much like fitting a light bulb).........

close and lock the nozzle on the adapter by pulling back the lever......
......and after checking all is secure you are now ready to step back to the pump switch or lever and begin filling your tank.
Here's another view clearly showing the nozzle lever closed, locking the nozzle onto the adaptor.
When your tank is full the pump will cut off automatically, making a higher-pitched sound. This is a protection device which guards against overfilling of your tank.
* See filling notes below

Now you can switch off the pump by letting go of the switch or lever. Grasp the filler nozzle's lever and release it from the adaptor by moving it forward. Their may be a short hiss and escape of a small amount of gas left in the filler hose which is not dangerous or unusual.

Now you can remove the filler nozzle from the adaptor and the job is almost complete......
.....but don't forget to remove the adaptor and store it for next time!

Now all you have to do is to pay very little money for your tank full of LPG and drive off feeling much better than you do when leaving a Petrol station! :-)

*Filling notes

Filling an LPG tank is no more difficult than filling your petrol tank, but there are some differences that you need to be aware of -

LPG will change its size (density) when ambient pressure and temperature changes. In brief, you will get much less LPG into a tank on a hot day with low ambient pressure than you will on a cold day with high ambient pressure.

On top of that, there is the actual content (and therefore pressure) of the filling pump's tank to consider, if that is nearly empty then you cannot fill your tank as you would from a full filler tank and pump.

To compound things further, different filling pumps have different cut off pressures and will stop at different fill amounts. Also make absolutely sure that the car is standing on level ground - If it is leaning on a slope it will either not fill properly or overfill, both are undesirable.

Filling with LPG is not as rigid as filling with petrol. You will not get the same amount of LPG in your tank on different days, or by using different pumps. You will soon get used to fill amounts varying by a few litres from fill to fill.

If possible, avoid the type of forecourt pump that has this rather unneccesary retracting cable attached to the filling hose (close to the filler gun) - Its constant pull on the filler hose makes attaching the filler gun to your filler point very difficult indeed.

Worse than that, and depending how your filler and the car are situated in relation to the pump, it may tend to loosen or overtighten any filler adapter, both of which are a nuisance (the former will cause a leak on filling and the latter will damage the adapter's sealing washer and make it very hard to remove the adapter afterward).

The only realistic way to use this pump is to pull out the filler hose first, leaving a good margin of slack pipe, then stand on the pipe to stop it retracting. Only then can you attach the filler without the hose constantly pulling on the gun.

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