How much will I save when using LPG instead of petrol?

The easiest way to find out is to steer clear of any calculations of miles per gallon ( or litre) and the cost of running on LPG against Petrol.

Use this rough guide to your savings instead;

1. Find out how much you spend per week on Petrol.

(Example 40 per week equating to approx 2000 per year)

2. Find out how much conversion of your vehicle will cost.

(Example cost of conversion 1000)

3. Divide your annual Petrol costs by the cost of conversion.*

(Example 2000 divided by 1000 = 2)

4. Divide a year by the number you just obtained.

(Example gives 12 months divided by 2 = 6 months) 5. The figure you arrive at tells you how long it will take your conversion to pay for itself in savings.

After that you just SAVE and SAVE!

(The example driver will have the conversion paid for by savings in less than 6 months and after that period will continue to save 60% or more on fuel cost).

*The 'rule of thumb' method above only allows for a fuel cost saving of 50%. In reality you will save more than that, 60% and above. Your conversion will be 'paid for' in less than the quoted time.

There are other benefits - Whilst running your car on LPG many items will last longer - spark plugs, exhausts, catalytic converters, engine oil and other things have their lives considerably lengthened as a result. Service intervals may be extended.

If you later decide to change your car it will be easier to sell and command a higher price. Vehicles that have already been converted to LPG sell more quickly and often return the cost of conversion in addition to their basic secondhand value!

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