Is LPG readily available?

LPG is relatively easy to find within a few miles practically anywhere in UK right now.

It's also getting easier to find by the day. Currently 10 new sites are established every 7 days. They are springing up on traditional garage forecourts, Conversion Specialist's premises, Haulage yards and Farmer's yards to name but a few.

A little web research will soon yield huge lists of LPG suppliers. (Go to our link Where can I buy LPG? to find lots of useful lists). If you have your vehicle converted you'll soon develop a 'nose' for a site. Signs for 'Calor Autogas' or similar will shout at you when you may not have even noticed them before. You'll find a refreshing sort of comradeship amongst fellow LPG users at the pumps. Many useful pieces of advice and many site locations can be picked up during the sharing of anecdotes and experiences .

LPG tanks do not have to be buried underground (unlike Petrol tanks). An above ground plant may be delivered wholesale from the back of an arm lorry and installed within a couple of hours (as long as suitable electrics are in place). The plant only needs to have a few Metres of clear space all around it and decent access for traffic and that's about it. This means that more sites can sell LPG (potentially) than Petrol.

You'll find suppliers in all sorts of wonderful and out of the way places, meet some real characters too!

(Its a little different than the usual glum reception at a Petrol forecourt, less people queuing to buy anything from a tin of peas to a kitchen sink, the sales assistants don't have a phone permanently stuck to one ear and no one tries to foist wine glasses, vouchers, double glazing or any other nonsense onto you!)

Have fun!

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