Thinking of buying a Diesel vehicle?

If you are thinking of buying a Diesel car or van next time, take a little time to consider these popular opinions, and be prepared to think again.......

"Diesels make less harmful pollution."

They don't!

Particulates produced by Diesel combustion are now known to be extremely dangerous. All of the other main pollutants present in Petrol exhaust fumes are also released . There is NO environmental benefit in driving a Diesel car or van.

LPG produces NO harmful particulates and far less Carbon dioxide than any Diesel......

"Diesel is cheaper than Petrol".

These days Diesel isn't any cheaper (per litre) than Petrol.

LPG is less than half the price of both..........

"Yes, but with Diesel I get more miles to the gallon."

But Diesel is over twice the price of LPG......

With LPG you get far more miles to your POUND!

"Ah, but Diesel vehicles have a lower overall operating cost than Petrol"

But Diesel spares and servicing are far more expensive than the Petrol versions......

LPG users enjoy the lower prices of Petrol version spares and servicing, and the engine oil lasts longer........

"Some of the modern Diesels drive just like Petrols"

Maybe so, but a brand new Diesel Ford Focus is 3,000 dearer than its Petrol counterpart....

Buy the Petrol version, have it converted it to run on LPG, save at least 1500 and then reap the benefits of cheaper fuel, spares and maintenance.......

"It's easier to fill up with Diesel at the pumps"

Hmmm, you may have to queue with the lorries and it often makes your hands smell for hours....

LPG doesn't do that either!

"Modern Diesels start more easily "

Diesel will 'wax' (freeze) at around minus 10 degrees C.

LPG will still flow and vaporise down to minus 42 degrees C.

"I can buy Diesel more easily, more forecourts have pumps"

In the early '80's when Diesel cars were rare, few garages had Diesel at the front of the forecourt. More and more people bought Diesels and the Garages reacted by installing many more Diesel pumps. Before that happened, early Diesel users managed fine and they didn't have dual fuel capapbility.

At the current rate of increase, LPG will soon be as commonplace as Diesel on the forecourt. If no LPG is available for a few miles or so, use Petrol!

"I'd still rather drive a Diesel"



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