Above we have only considered the amounts of harmful pollutants resulting from the combustion of three different fuels. It is pretty clear that LPG beats them on all counts and wins again overall.

That isn't the whole picture though. We must also be aware that fuels can pollute without being burned. Diesel or Petrol spilled into a watercourse (for instance) can decimate its animal and insect life and harm other creatures that come into contact with it (perhaps by drinking the water or bathing in it).

Other things such as the Benzine that is now added to unleaded Petrol can be extremely harmful if only breathed in as fumes from unburned fuel or making contact with your skin. Both of these risks are present whilst you are simply filling your tank. (Benzine is now known to be a powerful carcinogen).

LPG does not present us with any of these additional dangers.

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