What is involved in an LPG Conversion?

A Jaguar Sovereign 4.0 litre
converted to run on Petrol or LPG.
This car was fitted with a single 90 Litre tank to give sufficient range on LPG. When filled to 80% (the limit) it carries approximately 72 Litres (15.8 imp. gallons) of LPG (in average temperatures). 90 litre tank fitted inside Jaguar XJ 40 boot

Some choose a spare wheel well (Torodial) tank which allows more space in the boot.
This discreetly mounted combined LPG gauge / Fuel choice switch allows the driver to monitor tank contents and switch between fuels whilst driving. (The style of the unit varies between manufacturers but remains broadly similar)

The GREEN lights show LPG tank content, in this case 3/4 full.

The AMBER light is lit when the engine is running on gas

The RED light is lit when the engine is running on petrol.

These days, only the 'fixed bayonet' filler may be fitted as this is the only type certified by the LPGA. It does have a benefit, it does not need a fiddly adapter. If using the car abroad, adapters can be bought and used to fill in other countries.

NB! If either the pipe from the filler to the tank or from the tank to the engine are ruptured or severed in an accident automatic shut-off valves make sure that gas will not continue to escape. The tank will effectively be isolated in each case, even if both pipes are severed at the same time.

Here's another example of a nice discreet LPG filler. This one is fitted to an eighties model Range Rover Vogue. There is enough room under the filler flap of this car to allow the LPG filler to be fitted above the Petrol filler. It's easy to use and is kept dust and dirt free.

Customer's needs vary, and with that in mind Go LPG will discuss your requirements with you before conversion and agree the best position for your fuel choice switch and filler point.

Range Rover LPG Filler

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