Have your own Autogas supply

Here is one of our fully refurbished Half-Tonne (1200 litre) home based Autogas Skid units.

Owning your own Autogas tank has great benefit - You are not tied to one LPG supplier as you would be with a rented tank. You will be able to buy your bulk Autogas more cheaply than you would on a forecourt. In addition, you'll be able to fill one or more of your own vehicles at any time to suit you.

Skid units are built for us by an accredited and certified Bulk LPG storage engineering company and come with a full 10 Year certification. Hard standing, a single-phase 240 Volt mains electricity supply and sufficient distance from any buildings are required to run one. Regulations on tank siting are much the same as a domestic LPG tank but these may vary with each local authority. As a result we can't give you hard and fast rules, for the avoidance of any doubt it is much better to contact your own local authority for their advice. If they cannot help, contact your local Bulk LPG supplier - They would have to know the local regulations to install one of their tanks for you and they may be keen to get your repeat (Bulk LPG supply) business even if they are not doing that.

We have a strictly limited supply of these skid units and carry no stock.

We do not sell nor supply spares or any parts.

If you want to find out how much bulk LPG Autogas costs, it is best to contact your local suppliers and get a bulk 'spot' price on the basis of owning your own tank.

Terms of Sale

Skid units are only available for collection and installation by your own appointed Contractors. You must arrange your own transport and will be soley responsible for safe transport, installation, conforming with part 'P' Electrical legislation and checking with all (and any) relevant authority that your chosen location is suitable, etc. Skid units will NOT be supplied to facilitate the resale of LPG Autogas to the public.

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